Weapon Lowering

Its an animation where your weapon is lowered! How do you screw that up!? How do you screw that up twice!?!? Halo 1 had a better weapon lowering system than Halo 5! Seriously 343!? In Halo 4 at least the weapon could be seen as lowered! In Halo 5 the weapon just goes poof and the weapon is no longer on your screen, but it’s still up.
I’m gonna make a short machinima explaining it. Oh wait, I can’t. cough cough No splitscreen cough cough
Halo 5’s pathetic excuse for a weapon lowering system has me ticked. Seriously, I wanted to dive into the game making cool Machinimas. I discovered that you could lower your weapon online, which got me so excited. I immediatly quit the team slayer game I was in and went into theather.
I skipped to the part where I lowered my weapon. Weapon stays up Huh? Goes foward a few seconds later Weapon is still up Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.

I know. I discovered this trying to take screenshots.

I remember Halo 4’s problem, but didn’t they fix that with Halo 2 Anniversary? So what happened with Halo 5?

You know i think 343 did this for theater purposes. not saying i agree with it at all but maybe they had that in mind while making the change.

I also don’t like the button combo. To lower your weapon, you need to hit B, which activates your thrusters. If you want a close up shot of a character lowering their weapon, its up, and then POOF! The character thrusts out of the camera view.

What exactly is the button combo and how does it work on other button configurations?

They probably will patch it when Forge comes out. 343 has been rather receptive to us, unlike some other devs.

Hopefully they fix this, and maybe even have an option in customs to start with a lowered weapon for easy machinima creators