Weapon Lowering | Theater Update Wishlist

Weapon Lowering Bugs;

Energy Swords cannot be lowered.
Flood cannot lower their weapon.
Weapon raises when not stationary.
Weapon Raising on Xbox Live promised but not given.

Defocus and Focus Features revoked…?

Update For Theater Wishlist; (If there is going to be one)

Depth of Field
Light Ray Adjustment
Accurate Slow Motion
Trippy Vision
Warped Vision

Bug Fix’s:
Choppy Camera Fix
Slight Lag Fix
Camera Smudge Fix


Bump - Please Help/Fix

As much as I hate bumping a thread, I would like to see these features added…I mean I was pretty disappointed when I found out that you have to be offline to lower your weapons even though it was basically implied that it was going to be online, that and the fact that I did something completely hilarious on campaign and I’m not able to save the film.

What i dislike is that during a conference somone asked about machinima making for halo 4 and the said it would support multiplayer but it doesnt and by multiplayer i mean like custom games with friends

Bump - Again | We need this spread.

I’ll bump this. I was so excited for weapon lowering. I’d understand if it wasn’t in War Games, but absent from all other Infinity modes as well? I was hoping for some lowered weapons for machinima (can’t afford a capture card atm).

Also, the Theater needs to have some things added in the next update. Like Spartan Ops/Campaign films.

While messing around in Halo 4, I can see why they did not allow some features. just like with Halo 3 with Bungie, 343 is more in support of Machinima.com and Rooster Teeth Studios. As small time machinima director’s, we do want some features added in on xbox live, because we aren’t as organised as some companies, and that makes it harder for out stuff to become noticed. They say the reason that weapon lowering is not on xbox live any more is to avoid weapon glitches such as the BxR and double shooting the BR just like in Halo 2. Now, a proper way around this (this is honestly directed at 343i itself) would be to test this feature before mass production. I’m not sure if they did try and fix it sense Halo 3, but I’m sure in Halo 3 they tried and failed. They have 2 more games coming out. We can only pray they try harder.

Halo 2 had such a better online community. It was a game that allowed for the imagination of its players. There was the community for the hardcore mlg kids. There was a community for glitchers. There was a community for people who created off the wall custom games. There was the machinima community. And there was even a community for people who basically did Halo parkour. It was incredible.

After Halo 2, it has been a steady decline as the Halo games force you to play it their way, leaving little freedom for anyone outside of the hardcore gaming community (though they did add forge, it’s so limited).

I once ran the 2nd largest halo machinima community website (larger than any currently still around) and it was heartbreaking to see my community steadily decline because Bungie didn’t care enough to provide the tools for creative artists and wanted to instead limit everything to their rules and make people use the game the way they intended, as a competitive game. I was hoping 343 would change this but sad to see that perhaps it has taken a step even further back. I still love how Halo 4 turned out, but being someone from the machinima community, this game may have little long term value for me.

Toooootally agree, come on 343, we need this. D:

Well Machinima is dead

The weapon raising when walking MUST be fixed. I can’t belie e they have not dealt with this seeing how important machinima has become to a large part of th community. Not having the ability to lower weapon online is of course annoying but it is something we are used to, but not being able to walk with weapons lowered and not being able to lower the sword is simply a step backwards. Please 343 fix this for us!

Bump - The DEV’s need to see this!

With you buddy. This is an utter disappointment on every, and I mean EVERY level.

I hope 343 see’s one of these threads, I was thinking Halo 4 would be a new innovation for machinima directors, but now I am sadly disappointed :frowning:


These are pretty basic things to ask for, we’re not asking for special treatment, we just want our concerns to be heard. If I could choose just one to fix though, just one,It would be raising your weapon while walking, this makes it almost irreverent to have the lowered gun in the first place if it shoots back up on the slightest movement.