Weapon Glare needs to go

Why add weapon Glare? The maps arnt huge so get rid of that crap. I personally like going into big team, grabbing a sniper, and just sitting back and pop some domes. Now as soon as I pull a sniper out I’m spotted right away. If I wanted to do that I would just go on Cod Warzone.


Looks like you have to actually think about your position and get your shots off in time.

Sorry to hear that one bud.


i personaly don’t really mind the glare… the issue i have with it, is the color of the glare. the stalker and skewer have the same glare. along with the br and sniper, making it hard to tell if i’m going to get dinked or have a fair fight


The giveaway is your outline, not the glare. ENEMY OUTLINES HAVE TO GO


I agree. I don’t much mind the BR because it’s subtle but I am not a fan of the glare at all. It kinda defeats the purpose of using a scoped weapon and makes you an immediate target to the whole map before you even use it requiring no observation skills to find snipers.


No keep it, it makes you snipers have to think smarter…


From a balance perspective its fantastic… Dominating with a long ranged weapon (BR, Stalker Rifle, Shock Rifle, Sniper) is now much more difficult than before because there is warning now.

Not everything that is added is bad. This is an example of something good.


I totally agree. Scope glint has to go. Just another handicap for noobs, rather than learning to watch for snipers they can just always know where the snipers are 24/7.


I like glint, it keeps things balanced.

If you’re a good enough sniper then glint’s the last thing they see :dizzy_face:


I dislike the glint too, but like someone else said, the outline will betray you even before that. You can’t really chill in this game, it’s always an engagement thanks to the outlines and small maps. Unless you’re literally sitting in a corner behind a wall, and even then, they’ll spawn behind you soon enough.

You’re wielding a weapon capable of one shotting an opponent from across the map. Under most circumstances your opponent won’t even be able to hit you from how far away you are. Absolutely no support for this.

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Yeah idk why glare exsists. 6 years of Halo 5 and all of a sudden we need glare.


I’m not ths biggest fan of scope glint in Infinite but as a balancing mechanic I get it. What I would like to see is the JJ Abrams-esq lense flare from snipers and skewers. It’s more distracting than revealing. Just make glint glint and call it a day.

I think Weapon Glare should only be reserved for things with 1 shot potential.
These are things like Shock, Sniper, Skewer.

Stalker does not need glare, no matter how small.
BR does not need glare. Commando especially does not need glare, the piece of junk.


Explain to me how you “whatch” for snipers back in HAlo CE??? you can’t even see people who are on the other side of the map unless you have some sort of binocular eyes… or some wya to CSI enhance the tiny image of a spartan on the other side of the map…

Explain to me how you know the sniper is taken if your on the other side of the map, in halo ce 2 3 there was no warning other than the trail once it was fired and usually that was too late.

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Commando takes some learning to use. i still prefer the BR

It was pointless, just have situational awareness, but scope glare is pointless

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The commando gets out performed by the side kick, god help you if you get it in fiesta

The Commando is quite literally a Sidekick with a scope.
And it somehow kicks your gun up like a mule.

The Sidekick on the other hand, is a DMR on crack, but is so high that it can only hit things within spitting distance.

PS: Actually, the Commando is WORSE than the Sidekick. The Commando takes way more shots to body kill for some reason.

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Yes! I have been saying this in one of my other threads! We didn’t need it in any other previous Halo and we don’t need it here either. Bungie made halo the great game series it was without any hand holdy, training wheels, gen-z, participation ribbon bs, and casual fans back then became the hardcore fans they are now with needing gameplay crutches.