Weapon Glare doesn't make since

Weapon glare has become this thing in video games
like Cod to let you know that a high powered rifle is looking at you but that has never been a thing in any other halo game besides 4 and 5 with the binary rifle. I don’t think it helps in any way. a sniper’s job is to stay back and pick people off with out being spotted but they cant do that with a giant spot light on their scope telling everyone in the game where they are at. It limits how you can use a weapon and forces you to play in a way that favor the enemy. Same for the stalker rifle. I cant really stalk around when the second i scope in i am spotted. Just let the red beam coming out the gun give me away after i fire.


Its another way to push the skill level to the floor its never been a thing in halo and i absolutely hate it


I’m ok with the skewer/shock rifle having it because they’re anti-vehicle weapons but I don’t like it on anything else. We have highlighted outlines around our spartans anyway.

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it wasnt in 4 they added that bs in 5 and the only reason the binary had it was bc it could hit you in the toe an kill you

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thanks i couldn’t remember if it was in for or not so i just included trying to be safe but i was wrong.