Weapon/Equipment Balance

Some Weapons in the test feel off, so here is some suggestions on how to fix them. Battle Rifle:No longer feels like the close quarters weapon it once was, it feels like its supposed to be long range, Maybe make it deal more damage a shot, and also make it shoot faster. Commando: Feels like the BR replacement at close quarters, but a poor attempt. Change retical size, make it into a semi auto with 10 shots, have it kill in 4-5. Side Kick: Does its job pretty well, if you run out of ammo in your AR switch to it and finish them off. Could use a retical change but feels pretty balanced. Gravity Hammer: Feels like a classic gravity hammer, it could use a range improvement, and also a change to its energy count. Plasma Pistol: Faster Charge time on the overcharge shot, besides from that pretty good. Sniper: Feels pretty good, its very balanced, and doesn’t need a adjustment. Rocket Launcher:Decrease the fire time, besides from that pretty good. Heat Wave: Needs aim adjustment, feels unique, but also not that good. Pulse Carbine: Make it deal more damage. Bull Dog: increase its damage, slightly increase its range. Needler: Make its projectiles move faster. Skewer: Make the rod explode on impact with and object. Ravenger: Make it deal more damage. Grapple Shot: Increase its range. Drop Wall: increase the ammount of damage each shield takes, maybe 6-7 assault rifle bullets, instead of 4. Over Shield: make it have more shielding. Camo: Maybe make it last longer, besides from that rather good. X Ray Hacks: I have no idea what the Wall X Ray equipment is called so I am calling it that, Give it more range, make it last longer, add the ability to destroy it.

I think thats all, anyway have a nice day if you read this