Weapon, Equipment and vehicle balance. (opinion)

Hello Waypoint!
I’ve been playing alot of Infinites multiplayer over the last couple weeks and have very much enjoyed the sandbox. After the recent balance changes, I decided that I would condense and formulate my thoughts on the current state of each and every weapon, equipment and vehicle in the game.
For the most part I am very impressed by the way the game plays but with just a few tweaks I think it would really shine! (thoughts on playlists, progression and store content not included, that is a whole other kettle of fish that plenty of other people have already made posts about.)
Anyway, getting started;

In general weapons are well balanced but fast reloads are still too quick.

Assault Rifle:
After the recent nerf i think the AR is in a really great spot, its damage values and ttk seem fair, personally i would like to see it have an increase in bullet spread and/or bloom to limit its effectiveness at mid-long ranges but it is so much better than pre-nerf where it dominated.

Battle Rifle:
What is to say about this one? i believe this is the weapon to which all other elements of the multiplayer should be balanced around and with its recent increase in magnetism it is as satisfying to use as it has ever been, BR is perfect, nothing to see here.

This is an interesting one, the 7 shot kill it had pre nerf seemed perfectly fine to me for a map pickup, along with its limited ammo pool, the 8 shot kill it has now is also fine but i feel that it should receive the same magnetism increase that the BR had to remain a strong choice with its reduced damage and low ammo count.

This is a step in right direction after Halo 5, its low magnetism and small magazine make it a solid sidearm to switch to in the heat of the moment while not being relied on as a primary damage dealer, pacing shots is important to score that final headshot, i think its short reload time for a partial reload is way too fast and can cause the sidekick to be stronger than i believe it should be. but for the most part, very well balanced.

I think that the shotgun performed better in previous flights than in the current form, too often do i feel like i am getting three or four shots off before taking down an enemy, and at a short to medium range this is fine. however previously this could be done in two or three shots. id personally love to see a return of the point blank one shot kill, however it would require a fire rate decrease if that were the case. slightly too weak for my taste as it is.

S7 Sniper:
Old faithful, nice to see it return to pinpoint accuracy with almost zero magnetism after halo 5’s Sniper handing out free kills every time you even glanced in the direction of an opponent, i feel that unscoped should still retain that zero bullet deviation for consistent noscoping as in every previous halo game.

Rocket Launcher:
Two shots, Two explosions, Many kills.
This is exactly how the rocket launcher should function. I still miss the vehicle lock on from halo 2 but i understand that other weapons in the sandbox take that role. no changes needed.

This is the first weapon in this list that i would consider underpowered in its role, the three shot kill is nice, however the low splash damage means that 5 or 6 shots are often needed. i also do not think that the homing alt fire should deal less damage especially against vehicles. increase splash damage and increase alt fire damage to match primary fire.

Pulse Carbine:
Im not sure what it is about this weapon, it was pretty decent back in the flights, but now i struggle to land a hit with it at all. tracking is minimal and the projectile speed is awkward, you instinctively want to lead your shots but this causes the tracking to throw you off. i think that the projectile behaviour needs firming up before i can make any comment on the damage it deals. currently its best avoided entirely in favor of the disruptor as a shield stripping weapon.

Plasma Pistol:
A similar deal to the Pulse Carbine, overcharged the projectile is hard to land a hit with due to the speed and tracking. repeated single shots do so little damage that this weapon is not worth picking up at all, buff its damage for regular fire and firm up the overcharged projectile behaviour to be easier to use.

Does the job well. much more balanced than how strong it used to be in the flights, i like how it plays, short reload is way too fast still and makes chaining quick kills too easy. remove the shorter reload and it is perfect.

Energy Sword:
Hard to do this one wrong to be fair, though it should have a little more of a lunge to keep up with the increased movement speeds in this game.
a backpedalling spartan gets a bulltrue more often than I would like.

Gravity Hammer:
Good, the swing delay is much better than in previous flights, wish it had more impact on vehicles and physics objects for splatter kill shenanigans, heres a tip, sprint, jump, slide, swing.

I love this weapon. no nonsense projectile based damage dealer. three shot kill is perfect for this given the difficulty in getting a headshot, i do feel like body shots should result in a four shot kill though, as missing that third shot to the head will result in an AR user finishing you even if you got the drop on them. one shot + melee is a bit too strong though.

on the surface this weapon seems weak, but after using it a little bit its intricacies prove it to be more than it appears, functioning great at anti-vehicle with its EMP effect, and using it to peek at a group of enemies and score a couple hits to drop shields and switch to the BR, or alternately get 6 hits on an enemy and get back into cover and let the DOT do the work for you, the versatility of this weapon is insane and a go to pickup whenever i see one.
I LOVE this weapon. please dont change it.

from the best weapon straight to the worst. clearly this was supposed to be a versatile tool in the sandbox, but sadly it fails to be effective at any role. the primary damage is way too low to be an effective damage dealing weapon, the splash damage and knockback are nearly nonexistent which is counter intuitive for what I believe is supposed to be an area denial weapon, and the secondary fire while relatively decent at stripping shields does not hinder movement of vehicles or spartans. however this weapon has great potential but lacks focus, increase its damage, and absolutely improve its knockback and splash damage for both primary and the initial impact of the secondary.

Stalker Rifle:
What a great concept! it has its own role compared to the sniper rifle unlike the beam rifle in older games and is a much better long range weapon than the DMR could ever have hoped to be. three shot kill at mid to long range if you can score the headshot, only hitting body shots does make getting the kill take way too many shots however. id increase the ttk for bodyshots and also increase the magnetism cone, since it feels like it is just as difficult to get headshots with as the sniper.

Satisfying! one shot kill but balanced well with how you are required to lead shots at long range and a very lengthy reload. i would not change this Weapon at all. however it does take up way too much space on the screen and lowers visibility substantially, which i find a little annoying at times.

Shock Rifle:
A very dangerous weapon in the right hands. capable of a kill in a single burst if you score a perfect headshot, also having the ability to completely immobilize vehicles in a couple of shots. I believe this weapon is well balanced given the difficulty of actually pulling off a one shot kill.

this one is both incredibly strong and incredibly weak, depending on the orientation of the shot pattern. horizontal mode i presume to be intended as a tool for groups of enemies, however individual projectiles do not do enough damage to make this worth bothering with, the vertical mode is incredibly satisfying and surprisingly effective even out to mid range, the vertical mode is perfect, but the horizontal mode just does not work. I feel a rework of that fire mode is needed to something more useful.

Sentinel Beam:
I do enjoy this weapon alot, however i personally feel it could use a slight buff in damage and range as i often find players to be just out of range of its beam.

This is very fun to use, like a souped up grenade launcher, i think it could use a projectile speed and fuse timer decrease on its primary fire as it often bounces just slightly too far past the enemy i am using it against. this projectile speed decrease would also make the ‘wire guided’ mode a bit easier to direct and control as this also often lands too far behind where you are trying to direct it.
its damage is sufficiently brutal.

the frag, plasma and shock grenades all work amazingly well, but i would like to mention how lacklustre the spike grenade is, it needs more projectiles to stand a chance of doing any significant damage, id have liked to see the firebomb grenade as an option too, as a grenade version of the ravager alt fire.

I really appreciate the return to equipment pickups over armor abilities, one of the best changes to the recent halo titles gameplay infinite has made.

Drop Wall:
this is much better than it was back in the flight, however i still feel each panel should have a bit more durability.

I love using this one, however i feel that the range on it has been made slightly too short out of fear of it being too strong, i understand keeping its range short but it has been frustrating how often i find myself repeatedly shooting the hook out at something i feel i ought to be able to grab but am just out of range.

It might not seem that strong, until you realise the range at which it can inflict an impulse at, rockets dont need to be anywhere near you, and the ability to move the whole pile of power seeds a fair distance each pulse in strongholds makes me worry that this ability will be easily abused.

Threat Sensor:
This is so helpful to your team in a firefight, but its scan range is lacking, id make it 1.5x the size it currently is.

I feel like this equipment is overshadowed by the others quite significantly, the boost is nice but a slight vertical impulse could really help it stand on its own, almost like a double jump.

Active Camo:
The best the camo has been since halo 3, in halo reach this thing was useless, now cloaked spartans are VERY dangerous, a very positive change and something i am very happy with.

Somehow this feels a bit lacking compared to previous halo games, perhaps its the number of weapons in infinite that strip shields. but id like to see it specifically receive a buff against typically shield draining weapons. otherwise its fine.

Custom Powerup:
I hope we see this one come back when Forge and Custom games take off.

firstly, vehicles feel like they move way too fast for the most part, and do too little damage to be a threat against more than a single on-foot spartan with the exception of the scorpion. I am getting the distinct impression that the devs feared the vehicles would be too strong but with so many anti-vehicle tools in the sandbox its often better to just jump out and use your assault rifle and jump back in again.

I dont really have an issue with the mongoose, it might be slightly too fast but it not the worst offender for this.

the firepower on this thing is really lacking, it’s like two hydras strapped to it, barely any splash damage.

Way too fast, and its plasma cannons are quite weak.

again its weapons are weak, and it is difficult to control when trying to shoot.great for ramming warthogs at least.

Fast like every other vehicle, but decent, chaingun is a little weak and it feels like the gunner often will get killed before getting more than kill or two. due to the lack of protection on the gun.

like combining the gausshog and rockethog but not being as effective as either, getting a kill with it is very difficult as the gun is so weak.

Nice to see the transport hog recieve some upgrades, and finally have the ability to carry more than one other spartan. however those sitting on the back are very exposed and will often die before they can jump out of it. the ability to solo cap flags and power seeds with this worries me.

Weak main cannon compared to previous titles. odd behaviour involving grenade planting not destroying it, bug? intentional?

Why wont this thing turn, driving in a straight line is fine but seems to have lost its ability to easily strafe like in older halo games, its cannon is very strong, the splash damage seems excessive. also not destroyed by planting a grenade?

too fast by a mile, banshee bomb is pathetically weak and the plasma cannons are not much better. best avoided currently.

This vehicle feels just right, the speed is good, its health pool is good, the guns and rockets could use a slight buff, but it is still very effective in holding down a choke point and preventing enemies from moving foward. it is a shame the other vehicles do not function as effectively.

Good job for reading this far if you have, and id be glad to hear your own opinions and if you agree or disagree with any of my observations, its entirely possible ive missed a trick with a couple of these.

I am also really hoping we will see some of the weapons and vehicles not present in the sandbox see a return from previous halo titles later along with new maps and seasons, as i believe there is plenty of space for quite a few of them.
what would you like to see 343 bring back? and how would you implement them?



I’m not even sure what purpose the weapon serves, I feel like it was balanced for the campaign more than it was for multiplayer because it’s not even a weapon I’d consider picking up off the rack.

I wonder how’d I change it, maybe increasing projectile speed?

I like your way of fix the weapons.

I might also add:

  • The combat system has a big problem: Because most weapons need more bullets to kills, most people end killing you with 2 punchs and done, disencouraging to actually shoot in most close cases.
  • Yes, the shotgun needs a boost. In a loot of matches where is the shotgun, people don’t like to use it and just left it.
  • Honestly, Halo 5 implement an amazing system of weapons: Variety of the same, REQ and Warzone (my respects here), specific zoom for the needs of the weapon and the speed of the spartan.
  • I think the SNIPERS has a very very notorious light
  • Please, return to the ODDBALL and CTF the ability to kill with one punch and use abilites while carry.
  • The VEHICLES are pretty weak.
  • PLASMA WEAPONS basically are slow.
  • WEAPONS in general have a remarcable Recoil that makes veeeery hard to hit the player even in mid-range.
  • Give ABILITES the opportunity to be in a loadout, like Halo: Reach
  • I want my ground pound and spartan charge :frowning:

I really think that the games could