Weapon drop theory

By now, we all know about the weapon drop in Multiplayer. But I have a theory that I hope could be correct. Possibly this aspect is part of a new game mode, where as in normal modes, weapons spawn normally as in all other Halo games. Could this theory be true, please reply and get your voice out.

Yup that is exactly what i was thinking. It gives off the feel of fiesta. Just because a new feature is announced, doesnt mean it will be used for everything. Though it still could be the new standard. But just how the instant respawn is apart of Objective games, Weapon drop might only be used for Specific game modes.

the new infinity is supposed to be a simulator so in a sense the weapons dropping from the sky is just like being on the battle field, its like ammo drops and stuff like in halo three i think you picked up some weapons out of drop pods oh Valhalla right? but maybe you will see them drop in halo 4, i think its cool

I agree. I read a thread on another forum entitled “Existence ≠ Prevalence” which is a perfect summation.