Weapon Drill Techniques

I want to be constructive, which can be difficult in the current environment. But something I thought about recently was drills, and how some of them seem downright impossible to some people. In conversations with others, I’ve discovered that the drills I was having the most problems with were weapons that I didn’t understand something about. For example, many human weapons (not all of them) benefit from a ‘tactical reload.’ A tactical reload is when you aren’t out of bullets in your magazine, but you reload anyway. A tactical reload is 1.5 seconds, and a full reload is 2 seconds. In a game where you have 45 seconds, that means you could get 30 tactical reloads, or 22 full reloads. In the drills, seconds matter.

So I wanted to create a thread where we can discuss how we got 3 stars on different weapon drills, especially for those drills you personally found the most challenging. I’ll go first, with Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle.
I just realized that i didn’t explain how to use this stuff. You don’t read it. Reading this stuff will not help you. You drill it.

You open the endless mode, you look at the technique, and you practice just that technique. You’re not trying to practice all of these techniques at the same time. They are individual techniques because they are one things. Learn one thing at one time. Then, keep doing that thing, but also move to the next technique when you have some practice. Drill these techniques, and you will succeed in the drills.

Assault Rifle

1st technique: Zoom. Use your zoom function. It helps.

2nd technique: Look at your reticle, NOT the target!! I can’t overemphasize this. Put your reticle on the target’s upper chest.

3rd technique: Shoot in bursts. Look at your reticle. It should take about 5, maybe 6-7 of these ‘bursts’ to empty your magazine. You only have to let off the trigger for maybe an eighth of a second to make it stay accurate, and you want to keep the weapon accurate. Look at your reticle. Use longer bursts on closer enemies.

4th technique: Strafe when they strafe. Look at the reticle. Stop when they stop. Look at the reticle.

5th technique: Don’t empty the magazine. Look at your reticle. When you see the “Reload weapon” prompt appear under your reticle, shoot one more burst, and then reload, even if they’re not dead. Do not go to 0 rounds left. Look at your reticle.

6th technique: Don’t reload yet. Look at your reticle. If the reload prompt isn’t showing up under the reticle, do not reload. Find the new target and shoot until it tells you to reload. Look at the reticle.

7th technique: Don’t stop shooting to reload. Look at your reticle. When you see the reload button, hit reload. Do not stop shooting. Look at your reticle.

8th technique: Don’t stop shooting just becaue you’re in the middle of the reloading animation. Look at your reticle. Keep it on the target even while you’re reloading. Hold the zoom button and the shoot button while you are reloading. Look at your reticle.

9th technique: when there’s 3 seconds left, Look at your reticle. Empty your magazine into the target’s upper chest.

Summary: Look at your reticle, find the target, zoom, look at your reticle, put it on their upper chest, shoot in bursts, look at your reticle, strafe when they strafe, stay still when they stop, look at your reticle, reload when the prompt says to / before you hit 0, don’t stop shooting to reload, look at your reticle, keep your reticle on your target when you’re reloading, keep the zoom button held down when you’re reloading, look at your reticle.

The biggest skill- not technique, but skill- that comes with the assault rifle is target acquisition. This is something you will have to practice. As soon as a target is dead, you should see EITHER: A yellow dot to the left, a yellow dot to the right, or a target on your screen. Move immediately in that direction, hitting the reload button if it says to reload, keeping your reticle on the target at all times, whether you’re shooting or not.

With regard to reload times, you ideally want to reload between targets, but ONLY if the reload prompt is telling you to do so. If it doesn’t say reload, do not do it. This is for math reasons.

It takes 12 rounds to drop a target’s shields, and either 8 body shots or 3 headshots to kill them. A magazine holds 36 rounds, and some of them will miss. This means a magzine is mostly gonna be good for killing one spartan and injuring another. But if you reload when you don’t need to, you’re constantly wasting seconds that you COULD be using to shoot your target. Look at your reticle.

S7 Sniper Rifle, Drill 2 (I found drill 1 and 3 to be ridiculously easy.)

1st technique: Look at your reticle.

2nd technique: When you see which side of the map your target is spawning in at, strafe to that side. Look at your reticle.

3rd technique: Zoom in about a half-inch in front of the target’s movement. Look at your reticle.

4th technique: Strafe with the target’s movement. Look at your reticle. Sometimes you’ll have to stutter step so you don’t outpace them.

5th technique: When the reticle has been on the target’s brain case for about a quarter of a second- that sounds really short, but you’ll see what i mean. When you KNOW you’re tracking the target’s brain, fire. Look at your reticle.

6th technique: When you shoot, whether you hit or miss, UNZOOM and strafe to the side that’s behind the target. This is because if you do not unzoom, you will not know if you’ve given yourself enough room to keep strafing. Look at your reticle. If you hit the wall, you will stop strafing, and you will have to rely on the mouse’s / toggles’ precision, and you will miss.

U N . Z O O M . A F T E R . E V E R Y . S H O T .

S T R A F E . T O . T H E . W A L L . A F T E R . E V E R Y . S H O T .


7th technique: As soon as you unzoom after a shot, find the next target. Look at your reticle. STRAFE TO THE CORRECT WALL BEFORE YOU ZOOM FOR THE NEXT TARGET.

8th technique: Reload after 3 rounds, not four. Sniper rifles benefit from the tactical reload. Look at your reticle. You can see the 4 blue horizontal lines- you want to reload when there’s only 1 left. Look at your reticle.

Summary: Look at your reticle. Find the target. Strafe to the correct wall. Look at your reticle. Zoom in a half inch in front of their head. Strafe as they move. Look at your reticle. When it is moving with their head- not when you think it’s on it, WHEN IT IS MOVING WITH THEIR HEAD- shoot and unzoom, then move to the next wall of the next target. Reload after 3 rounds, not 4.

Anyway, that’s what i got for weapon drills techniques. Lemme know what y’all had trouble with, and i’ll try to share how i changed my behavior to get the 3 stars on it.

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I failed to mention this, but this is all for keyboard and mouse. I don’t post techniques unless they let me reliably get keyboard and mouse 3 stars. With that said…

Battle Rifle

Mostly the same basics as above. Look at your reticle, tactical reload at 11 shots, and put the reticle’s top vertical white line on the target’s head. Couple of other techniques:

1: Do not zoom. Zooming really won’t help you at this range. At least, it didn’t help me- I tried for four hours and kept getting 18k. Turns out, even with M&K, you’re better off not zooming at those ranges. Watch your reticle, and tactical reload.

2: Watch their legs. Legs telegraph their movement. The direction their legs go tell you which way your legs should go to keep tracking them.

3: Tactical reload at 11 shots, but you can still pass if you do it at 10 shots a few times. Just remember that every time you reload too early, you wasted a 3rb of time.