Weapon Dispenser for Forge w/ Video Tutorial

Hey guys, I’ve “invented” a weapon dispenser in Halo 4. Basically, you grenade a landmine, and the landmine is connected to fusion coils that break a shield wall. Weapons are on the shield wall, and they fall into a tray. However, players can only grab 1-2 weapons as they fall because the weapons are unreachable in the tray. It works really well, and it plays nicely in Flood.

Video Tutorial

Thanks guys for your time!

nice. Although I believe I saw this back in Reach once. Maybe?

Awesome! Although a bit bulky, certainly a very cool addition to my flood map.

I tried building one, but I don’t know how to incorporate it into any of my maps. Any ideas?

It seems like it’s an ordance drop for the map…not sure how you would implement it into a map unless you designed a CoD -Yoink!- Zombie type game.