Weapon Despawn when Abandoned/Disturbed

I’m not sure if this is a common problem with Forge as I can’t seem to find anything about this issue, but it appears that weapons do not despawn when they are abandoned.

I would expect a discarded weapon to despawn after the specified time period, even if it has ammo remaining. I’ve seen a video online which talks about the dynamic respawn and that this should happen, however I just cannot get it to work.

Here’s an example:

  • I have an SMG with Despawn set to Abandoned/Disturbed with a timer of 5 seconds
  • I have Respawn enabled, set to Death/Deletion, also with a timer of 5 seconds
  • I go into Spartan mode, pick up the weapon and drop it again without firing a shot.
  • It should despawn after 5 seconds as it has been abandoned, and respawn after another 5 seconds
  • However nothing happens when I drop the SMG. It stays there until it is picked up again.

This wouldn’t be too big a deal, but I am building a map up high on a building and if a weapon somehow falls over the edge with ammo in it, it will never despawn and then never respawn in the original location. This means the weapon is unusable for the rest of the game.

This seems to be the case on Halo 5 Forge on the PC, and on the XBox One.

Can anyone help? Is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong?


I think the Despawn when Abandonded is buggy, ive encoutered this a few times, also with the vehicles. Its annoying :cry:.

well i think i have the solution to this, ive just used it and it works fine, as long as the respawn rate is set the way you want it, then in GAME MODE OPTIONS, in Map category set the weapon and vehicle CLEAN UP time, ive just set em to 5 secs which overides the 10 secs i wanted on my vehicles, BUT ACTUALLY WORKS. hope this helps you.