Weapon despawn time

Is there any reason why weapons vanish after death about 10 seconds after they fall? There’s nothing quite like having your team pick up a good weapon and then lose it because someone couldn’t stop everything they were doing to sprint back to it so it doesn’t vanish.

Oh, and if you’re reading this 343, give me the option to mute or turn down the music volume. Thanks.

As far as I’m aware its to stop power weapons accumulating. 10 Seconds is ridiculous though.

OP, very good points that have been pointed out many, many, many times before… And ignored the same number of times by 343.

The wrong weapons are despawning IMHO. Loadouts weapons should despawning but not power weapons found on the battlefield.

Oh and it’s 12 seconds. Silly amount of time… Hell, your body lasts longer.