Weapon Concept: A500 K-Cannon

It’s too late for Halo 4 but this is a forum for wild conjecture, so hey, let me know what you think about this idea.

Experimental Human weapon featuring Forerunner technology.
The weapon fires rounds on par with a sniper rifle, but fires seven shots at once in a wide spread. Something like a sniper/shotgun hybrid, meaning the weapon has a high level of scatter but an equally high potential range due to the individually powerful shots.

Features a very abstract reticule to emphasize the unpredictable nature of the weapon. The K-Cannon is good for one discharge per ‘magazine’.

Given it’s high level on inaccuracy, the weapon would be most useful as a shotgun or for crowd control/suppression. That said its sheer power would make it useful against vehicles up to a certain range. An anti-vehicle shotgun, if you will.

Like it? Please weigh in and Discuss

In all honesty, I feel like all the weapons in halo 4 have been decided on long ago. Personally, your concept sounds like a modded weapon from Halo CE. It would be weird to add it to halo in my opinion.

Better yet, we have a sniper for sniping, a shotgun for close quarters, a rocket launcher for vehicles, and keep weapons which are random by nature out of halo.

Yes, I realize that Halo 4 is going out the door and I have edited my post as such. As for the rest, remember that many of the gaming industry’s best creations have come from the modding community. You may be thinking it sounds like a mod from my sniper rifle reference but if the weapon were to be made fully integrated there would be some fictional life to it. The weapon would feel unique. Also, it seems pretty fun on paper and that’s as far as we can go on these forums.

PS. If every weapon shot exactly where you wanted it to, I would find that mighty boring, wouldn’t you? Don’t be afraid of some variety.

Interesting concept, but it would probably be super inconsistent

that would be cool but lets talk about forge