Weapon challenges are still broken almost 2 months after MP release

It’s been nearly 2 full months, and weapon challenges are still routinely failing to track progress on kills. I’m amazed that 343 is failing such a basic thing as being able to tell what the final source of damage was. I’ve had multiple games where mangler, assault rifle, rocket launcher, and BR kills fail to track entirely, or partially fail to track. A great example is the Fiesta game where I killed 4 players with a mangler, getting the kill credit as a mangler headshot for all 4 (not melee, not them suiciding, I was the final source of damage), and a grand total of 2 counted to my “get 3 kills with the mangler in PvP” challenge.

If 343 cant fix incredibly basic issues such as this, how will they ever be able to resolve the larger issues, such as how BTB has been broken for a month, or the constant desync issues?

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MCC was unplayable for nearly 6 months.

I agree it really shouldn’t be hard for the challenge to recognise you dealt the death blow with a weapon and credit you for it.

I really am surprised they have not fixed this although they are currently on holiday and they’ve publicly said fixing BTB will be their priority once they return to work

Been having the same issues and consistently too! Just played a round and needed 4 more BR kills. Counted 7 on screen and only got credit for 3. WTF!!!

Had this happen in a later game when I had to grapple opponents too! I grappled onto at least 4 and only got credit for 2!!!