Weapon burst changer

i am aiming this towards more of the br kind of weopon.

i just read a topic saying “do not bring back the br as single shots are more efficiant and in some cases better”

true but then at medium to long range the br was still good.

so just like in BF3 (for example) i think halo should have a weopon burst changer for some weopons like the br or dmr.

i honestly cant say how this in anyway can be a bad move

PS sorry if this has been mentioned before i have not read anything on the forums about it so i assume there has been nothing said on it.

I would rather see the return of the br than the dmr just because the way it played. like the br you couldn’t spam as much as the dmr

change the name to firing mode not burst changer people will rage so bad. and no im not up for the idea