Weapon balancing

Is it just me or is the weapon balancing in this game all over the place?

It just feels like the base weapon you start with is the best weapon and every other weapon sucks in comparison

The 2 assault rifles feel so slow and clunky, theres a massive issue right now where you constantly get locked out of ads’ing while using them which constantly gets me killed. But even then the damage on them seem so low for the slow rate of fire.

Then there are all these gimmicky weapons that have such useless niches.

Weapons that do slightly more damage to shielded enemies but then when the opponent has no shield do almost nothing. So you feel forced into this weird dance where you use 1 weapon to destroy the enemies shields then switch to a better weapon to finish them off. Why would i do this when i can just use the base weapon which does good damage all round?

Then theres the damage over time weapon. This weapon is literally useless in a fps. You want to kill the enemy NOW before they kill you, not in 5 seconds when you are already dead. So having a weapon that does low damage at base but makes up for it by having damage over time is stupid because you are already dead from the enemies better weapon

Then you have the lock on weapons that again just make me wonder whats the point. I get you have to make them do less damage otherwise everyone would be running around killing people with no skill. But it just feels like you shoot endless shots at people and do no damage.

I would also like to bring up the low amount of weapon variety per map. It feels like there are only 2-3 weapons available per game. This just makes the games extremely stale, and its day 1. I literally went into the weapon drills to see what weapons and was shocked to see how many weapons i had never even seen before. There definitely needs to be some changes to the way weapons are distributed in matches so that it feels fresh


This may just be me, but I think they need to nerf the assault rifle a bit and buff the commando, it’s like using a paper slingshot compared to the other weapons.

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