Weapon balancing (poll)

There are three weapons I think should be tweaked for balancing, and this is how I think they should be tweaked:

DMR - Slightly reduce the firing rate. This will still allow it to be effective in its intended range, while also allowing the more medium/close ranged weapons to be most effective in their ranges.
Carbine - Slightly increase the damage, making it more equal to the other precision rifles.
Boltshot - Make it so the charged shot only goes off on it’s own after fully charging it (like the spartan laser, minus the gauge that shows when it will release). Currently you can charge it and you have some leniency on when to release for the shot. If it were harder to time, it would take a fair amount of skill to use and wouldn’t be so OP. (imagine trying to use the spartan laser without the gauge showing you when it’s about to fire)

Lemme know what you think.

Don’t forget you can vote for multiple choices.