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I understand why 343i had to balance the weapons, but they really -Yoinked!- it up the way that they did it. True, the DMR was, by most accounts, the best primary weapon in the game. It was therefore often labeled as overpowered because of its proficiency at all distances. Even I, despite being a firm believer in the DMR master race and exclusively using the DMR in all my classes, knew that some change had to be made to make the game more fair. Since the DMR was the root of the problem, it would make sense for 343 to just nerf the DMR, right? After all, they already nerfed the boltshot to make the game more playable.


Instead, 343 thought that the best course of action wasn’t to nerf the DMR and have everything be fine, it was to BUFF EVERY OTHER PRIMARY WEAPON. A major complaint I already had with the game was that it was too easy. The auto-aim is extremely high and the guns are easier to use compared to past Halo games. So this weapon “balancing,” coupled with the already easy Halo 4, just makes the game unplayable in my humble opinion. I can no longer play Infinity Slayer. I was playing Slayer Pro, and I realized something: why would anyone ever pick the DMR? At super close quarters, the assault rifle wrecks opponents. At close range, the carbine was the best option. At medium range, the BR’s 4-shot makes it the clear-cut favorite. At long rage, the Light Rifle is the go-to option. I’m not bad at the game; I have a 1.65 KD. But you die so fast now, it’s ridiculous. I’ll give 343 the benefit of the doubt, but if H5 isn’t mind-blowing, then Halo is officially dead. I already gave up on Halo 4, but 343 obviously hasn’t given up trying to turn the game into CoD.

tl;dr: The new weapon rebalancing sucks and gives me -Yoink!-.

The new weapon balancing does not suck. The kill times were the slowest of any Halo game, how could nerfing the DMR fix that? This Halo 4 is a better Halo 4 than what we were given at launch.

I disagree. Also, calm down.