Weapon balance with suggestions

Feel like the ravager, plasma pistol, hydra and commando may need some buffs / tweaks.

Chief complaints:

Ravager - damage too low on both fire modes, maybe 2 bursts was too much but gun felt good on tech preview, now I never pick it up. Or buff the Rate of fire.

Plasma pistol - over charge tracking is weak and really hard to hit a strafing target.

Hydra - slow reload and rate of fire, I think if these were buffed slightly the gun would shine.

Commando - recoil but that easily could be my old man thumbs, thematically the long reload time kinda bothers me and a faster reload might help it be a better weapon in the niche between the pistol and BR for range, currently feels outclassed by BR.

All tracking weapons are pretty bad right now.

I think the Hydra is fine. Sidekick needs a nerf, Commando needs a buff.

Agree with PP and Ravager. Pulse Rifle is also hot garbage.

-Commando could use some work. Maybe make it to where you can switch it to just semi automatic like the DMR. Also does pretty good at draining shields but takes multiple 5-6 body shots to finish someone off.

-I don’t understand the ravanger. I get that it drains shields quick but even hitting someone point blank dones’t do anything. The only real benefit it has is when it’s overcharged and does area damage. All in all not really worth picking up.

-The assault rifle is all around good but the range on that thing is way too far. Personally I think it needs to be bumped down a bit.

-When zoomed in and you get hit it shouldn’t pull you from your sights. (Mainly talking about when using a sniper) Just allow us to keep zoomed in.

  • The plasma carbine is confusing to me. When fighting someone head on it rips through shields and kills someone with the follow up burst. But when you’re trying to lead someone who is strafing it doesn’t do any good.

  • Hydra could either use a fire rate increase, or a damage increase. Going up against vehicles doesn’t seem to do any good. If it’s a power weapon for maps with vehicles I just feel it should have a little more bang for its buck against them. The missile velocity could use a bump up too.

  • Side kick does fine. Reload speed is wicked fast. Just seen a lot of people draining shields with assault rifle then swapping out to sidekick to finish the job. Which i guess isn’t terrible but I just wish that wasn’t always needed to down someone.

-BR personally I think it was mastered back in H4.

-Skewer is a cool new addition but I feel like the velocity and drop could use some tweaking.

-Heatwave is good. Maybe drop the range just a touch.

-Bulldog could use some work. Even close range it takes 4 shots to wipe someone. Even if you melee them it still takes 2 shots.

-Cindershot is a cool concept with the tracking on it, but the shots take forever to explode. So unless your hitting someone head on it doesn’t do much good.

-Plasma pistol. What happened to being able to EMP vehicles with it?

Those are just the ones that I noticed the most. All in all its a good start to the new Halo I’m just throwing my piece out there.

In my opinion the hydra is ok the fact that is stronger in “standard mode” it’s a cool tweak and make the gun unique, the ravager define toy needs a buff at least with the charge shot, or faster individual shots, the only weapon I have a real issue with is the pulse carbine, I have no use for it in any scenario it gets crushed by any weapon, I think it would be much better if they increased the velocity of the plasma projectiles