Weapon Balance Suggestions

  1. Nerf the BRs range a touch

2 Buff the AR rate of fire just a hair and/or give it a slightly smaller reticule to improve accuracy.

  1. Might want to reduce pistol rate of fire and increase damage so you use just one 1 less round to drop shields/kill. Keep the TTK close to same.

  2. Commando rifle… increase it’s rate of fire and reduce damage by 1 single bullet to get the kill. Do something to reduce the recoil and match the kick to work with increased rate of fire. Current version’s TTK needs to match or come very close to new version with increased rate of fire. (Kinda like I said about the sidekick)

  3. Make sure to do test flights for this stuff with the community.

One more thing. Reduce friendly fire damage to 50%.

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I’m really hoping the forge stuff will have the ability to tweak the weapons in any way imaginable. Realistically the community could test all manner of changes then and anything that works really well could be incorporated into mm.

I like how the BR is now, the Commando was a beast in the flight but I don’t like it too much now, Sidekick I’m indifferent. I like the high ROF because it is a CQB weapon. Lets you splash out the damage quickly.

I get what you’re saying. I like the BR but it kinda dominates over the AR. I am more indifferent to the pistol than the others and the commando is a meager substitution for the DMR imo

I really hope you’re right about forge.

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