Weapon balance is great, except The Commando, The Hydra, and The Ravager

In my opinion it is an improvement from past games that there are less one shot kill weapons in the game but more opportunities to upgrade your arsenal. Weapons picked up on the battlefield are an upgrade from your starting weapons in some aspect or have a niche mechanic to be utilized in certain situations.
A few weapons fall short though.

The Commando is not quite an upgrade, in fact it is a downgrade. It has a longer range than your Assault Rifle, though your Sidekick already fills that roll better than the Commando. The Commando does less damage per shot and has a longer reload time than the Sidekick, and the Sidekick’s fast reload speed compensates for its lower amount of ammo per magazine. I would also like to add that it’s odd that a Tactical Rifle with high recoil does less damage than a sidearm. I believe the only thing the Commando needs is 5 shots to break the shield and at most 3 body shots to kill.

The Disrupter appears weak but is actually quite balanced because of its niche mechanic of disrupting energy shield regeneration. If an enemy is in a defensible position and keeps taking cover before you can kill them, you can sting them with the Disrupter and then move in for the kill. I believe it should be buffed to encourage this mechanic. Either reduce the number of shots to activate the damage over time effect to 2, or increase its fire rate. I also feel a few more shots in each battery would make it easier to disable distant or agile vehicles as well.

The next weapons I’ll talk about are supposed to be strong weapons, they usually spawn in risky areas and will not respawn until the previous one is lost or runs out of ammo.

The Hydra is awkward at best. the reload is odd, you put the rocket in but you must wait for the receptacle to slide back into the weapon before it actually counts as being in. The reload animation sways your aiming reticle ever so slightly that if you fire in the middle of the animation your aim will not be true. The damage is just a hair short of killing in 2 shots. The homing firing mode does less damage, which doesn’t make any sense to me at all, they are the same rockets aren’t they? Right now, the Hydra feels on par with a Mangler that you scoop up at the beginning of the match. I believe that the Hydra should kill in 2 shots regardless of the firing mode and that the rockets should travel faster in standard firing mode. The reload animation should not interfere with your aim and as soon as you slide the rocket into the receptacle it should count as in.

The Ravager, like the Hydra, is just a touch too weak. First though, I think the area of effect duration lasts just the right amount of time to create area denial without lingering too long. However, the AOE does just enough damage to not kill an enemy who stayed in it for the entire duration. I believe the AOE should kill with just a fraction of time to spare. It should force enemies to move, but as it is now, if you aren’t charging into to clean them up, they can just stay in cover without consequence.
Next is its standard firing mode. It shoots in bursts of 3; it takes 6 plasma globs to break the shield and 3 plasma globs to kill. I believe it should work like other plasma weapons and take 3 plasma globs to break the shield, and then 6 or perhaps 5 or 4 plasma globs to kill. I really feel that it should not kill a fully shielded enemy in 2 bursts though.

Next are just a few things I couldn’t really make an in-depth analysis on.

The Banshee’s plasma guns and bombs just feel a tad weak; it doesn’t help that unlike the Wasp, you must constantly be strafing and repositioning yourself while piloting a Banshee.

I think the Plasma Pistol should do some more unshielded damage. The only time reloading is better than switching to your other weapon is when it’s a Plasma Pistol on your belt.

The Brute Chopper tips over quite easily and I think it should do a bit more ‘chopping’ damage.

Everything else about the weapon balance and game in general is great! quite perfect in my opinion! Greatest Halo yet! :smiley: