Weapon balance and other issues


I created this thread for weapon balance and issues for Halo 4, as you know I have already created a thread rewarding the issues with the DMR and Boltshot, for weapon balance some suggested to
1.- reduce the fire rate
2.- to decrease damage
3.- to make it a weapon that you can get only in dropouts
4.- and to disappear the weapon for good

1.- to remove the overcharge
2.- to reduce the weapon damage
3.- to make it a weapon that can only be use in dropouts
In my point of view this weapons are very unbalance and need patching, other issues with other weapons like the storm rifle assault rifle and suppressor as this are my weapons of choice, my main complain its this weapons are to weak when it comes to mid range, How is it possible that weapons made for long range like Battle rifle and DMR can win against weapon made for the purpose in being use for mid and close range this weapons need to be buff for more damage. a weapon should be created for their own purpose no to have a weapon that its a jack of all trades to be useful for long, mid and close range like the DMR, why is it so hard to understand that we all play differently some like close combat, others like long combat, every person plays in their own way, so suggest and vote if the assault rifle,storm rifle and suppressor need to be buff with more damage.

Come on people lets vote!!

Your options for voting aren’t very good, you pretty much want people to agree with you or leave. How about a “No” option to your poll? I think the automatic weapons are pretty balanced.