Weapon Attachments

I’ve seen a couple of threads speculating about weapon attachments, so I’m going to ask; What weapon attachment would you want? Try to be original, but make sure it would fit in with matchmaking or campaign. It should be practical, not overpowered, and you could even think of a Pro and a Con. I’ll make a list of the ones I like most.

I’ll start us off.

4x Optical zoom for non-scoped weapons

i.e. needler, assault rifle

Ps. Sorry, I’m not very imaginative :). Don’t use me as a role model.

Edit: The weapon attachments can be found on different maps/missions, whether they are hidden, dropped by enemies or supplied as ordnance. If you like, you can specify how you can obtain them.

Maybe some type of suppressor, for certain game types. so you can break into an enemy base all stealth like without the sound of breaking armor alerting everybody.

If it were up to me on weapon attachments, I’d make them Campaign exclusive. I’d also include a small inventory system which can be accessed using the back button, much like the city map and audio logs can be accessed in ODST. The weapon attachments for each weapon would be hidden across all the levels, and once you find them they will be added to that inventory, and you can attach them to guns (provided that you actually have the guns the attachments are for) and take them off at any time.

As for attachment ideas, mine would be:


  • Suppressor
  • Scope
  • Extended mags (maybe from 60 to 80 or something)

Assault Rifle:

  • Scope
  • Extended mags (provided that it’s the MA5C from Halo 3, from 32 to maybe 46)

Battle Rifle:

  • Improved scope (from 2x to 3x)
  • Grenade launcher (launches your frag grenades rather than having you throw them, also for amusement could launch plasmas?)

M6G Pistol:

  • Scope
  • Suppressor

Plasma Rifle:

  • Recharger, automatically recharges plasma weapons by a small amount over time.
  • Accelerator, gives the Plasma Rifle a higher rate of fire.
  • Overloader, gives the Plasma Rifle a higher damage rate (however makes the weapon overheat quicker).

None what-so-ever.

Honestly I do not want any weapon attachments in halo. I understand why some people may want them but I think they would take away from what halo gameplay has been. a 4x zoom on an AR just dosent fit with halo in my opinion and if you want a silenced weapon then I would say bring back the ODST SMG but other than that I would rather not have any customizable weapon attachments in halo.