Weapon attachments in Warzone info

So I’ve been seeing a lot of post asking about weapon attachments and what exactly they do. So far i can explained a few of them let’s begin…
*Suppressor attachment- u wont show up on enemies radar while weapon is being used/equipped except when u r sprinting or enemy has advanced sensors armor mod.
*Kinect Bolts- ur weapon does more damage vs vehicles and has better stopping power.
*Long Barrel- Ur rectile will “stick” better against farther range enemies when equipped.
*Recoil stabilizer- Ur weapon doestnt recoil as much.(sorry i havent noticed the difference)
*Laser sight- Better hipfire bloom? (not really sure)
In conclusion, this is what i found so far if anybody has questions or comments ask away.

I have the AR with the recoil stabilizer, and i can feel the difference. It basically doesn’t move while i’m shooting.

Don’t forget the energy bayonets, one hit kills against an enemy spartan who isn’t using an overshield. Does require level 8 reqs but if your defending it can make life simple to just be able to insta-melee your attacker.

The energy bayonette attachment is a 1 hit kill EXCEPT if the enemy has upgraded shield armor mod. I think this becuz in a match i meleed some1 with the BR bayonette and he did not gp down in 1 hit 2 my dismay. I could b wrong but i swear i meleed and he stayed alive, any1 else experience this b4?

I have a DMR with a suppressor and it’s the best thing going

Not as of yet, whenever i equip my bayonet weapons i kill whoever i hit but i don’t get to see what armor mod they have equipped if any, so they may been just coming off of an overshield or had an armor mod on that helped but i can’t think which one would save them from that.

Ok @Dukkmann91 could of been he had overshield as well only happened once, and i just use dmr suppresed and smg kinect bolts most of the time know in warzone.

So it does seem that the upgraded shield armor mod could potentially save them from a one hitter but only if its full at the time. If they had been getting shot at all or were damaged by explosives should still be an insta-kill. Just things to keep in mind lol.

They call it a recoil stabilizer, but what it actually does is limit muzzle climb. The shots still spread out the same amount (the Bloom that the laser fixes?) but the muzzle stays level.

I’d be interested to see which is overall more effective, the laser or the stabilizer. I’m too busy getting killed to pay attention.