Weapon attachments: good or bad?

Would you like it or hate it if there were weapon attachments? Would you do it to best fit your playstyle and dominate? Would you do it to make it your gun? Or would you just go screaming that it was copied from cod?

I think it would just throw off balance too much, or be useless if attachments are nerfed into not damaging balance. Whichever way you look at it, I don’t think they’re worth adding.

I would go screaming that it was copied from COD/BF and not bother buying the game. If I wanted COD/BF gameplay I’d play those games, which I do, but I still prefer Halo over them.

Didn’t even read. Attachments = BAD IDEA

Only way i would like to see this was if it was the return of the smg and pistol from H2… But with them silenced and the smg with red dot ODST style… also without this being changeable

Honestly, it would be too hard to balance against those who haven’t played. Currently, the loadouts are more focused on tweaking the character without changing speed, health, and damage the character can do. Adding weapon attachments would make it harder to allow players who have spent alot of time in the game to have a significant advantage over those who chose a pre-set loadout.

We got powerups that alter a player’s damage. It’s much easier to deal with a temporary buff than a modified version of a gun with pre-set loadouts.

Whoah, you scared me for a sec until I read the OP. And heck, no. Never. Unless they’re attachments that are on the weapon by default, and can’t be removed.



Bad… very bad.

I wouldn’t like 'em.

not good. Halo is know for its low level of selection when coming to weapons. This is a good thing, as it allows no more than 2 weapons to fill the same position as each other, and gives each weapon a purpose(unlike games like cod, which have hundreds of guns that do the same thing over and over). Because of this, adding any attachment that effected a gun’s ability would do nothing but mess up this balance, and make this 1-gun game into a 21-gun game. I’m going to have to say no.

Hahaha OP, man, you just opened up a HUGE can o’ worms.

Every weapon is tailor made, balanced, and specialized to a single niche. Placing attachments on those weapons would absolutely destroy all of that. It would be utter chaos, and also redundant. An AR with a insta-kill noob tube? Completely OP, stupid, and redundant as we already have a Rocket Launcher. Extended mags on the Sniper? Total domination and a massive amount of pissed off fans.

Weapon attachments would mean the end of Halo.

Am I the only one that wouldn’t mind weapon attachments… as long as they’re on certain weapons, like the DMR or AR, and as long as they’re not something that kills gameplay, like grenade launchers, but more of scopes and fore grips.

The problem with weapon attachments is that they would change weapons from the way they were designed. For example, adding a scope to an Assault Rifle suddenly blurs the line between that thing and the Battle Rifle. I know 343 is mixing up the Halo experience a lot, but I think them adding weapon attachments would be going too far.

They can add a lot to the gameplay and tailor for custom classes and great online experiences on the battlefield, however not in Halo, not yet anyhow. Halo has always had a set number of weapons with certain roles on the battlefield, allowing you to modify them freely would change that balance a lot.
Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see attachments for Halo 5.