Weapon Assassinations?

I’ve been thinking for a while, and I think it would be awesome if they were to added all types of weapon assassinations. You know like if you holding a pistol than you get a cool assassination animation with a pistol or any weapon. But of course you need to turn on these assassinations by activating them in your assassination collection. It would kinda work somewhat like the default assassination, only way more awesome! Tell me what you think of my idea?

You mean kinda like the hammer and sword assassination?

This is something I always likes about Gears of War, weapon specific assassinations. Would be fun to have it for all weapons, we are a bit of the way there with hammer, sword, flag, ball etc

You mean kinda like GoW 3 had where you would unlock an assassination for each weapon?

Only Certain weapons were actually cool. I like the idea of the weapon specific though

This would be cool for a lot of weapons like the Magnum and Shotgun and it would be a little bit different for weapons like any explosive launcher as the player would just have to beat down the other using the weapon itself which could be awesome, however in some cases I’d rather have the assassinations they already have in the game. I’m dying to unlock the Terminal Velocity animation, it’s freaking awesome!

So what would happen to all the other assassinations? They have special ones for the melee weapons and the carrier ball. I’d cry without my fisticuffs…

All the normal assassinations would still be there, this is just basically adding more.