Weapon and vehicle stats

So i made a post about something similar b4 which only included vehicle armor. But after that i decided to do the same for weapon damages and decided to include the vehicle stats(damage AND armor) as well, before you continuing you’ll need to know a few things:

  1. All tests have been done against players so i would get the BASE damage values, as all vehicles have damage resistance agains ALL weapons. The heavier the vehicle the higher the recistance(duh)

  2. ALL shields(both vehicle and player shielding) will always get the base damage, vehicle dmg recistance only applies to vehicle armor and not the shields

3.all wpn damage values are average damage per shot
So if a weapon fires in 3-round bursts it will say “damage×3”

  1. Headshot capable weapons only have their headshot damage listed if they are NOT 1-shot kill weapons(like most precision weapons)

  2. Players: 45 health and 70 shields.
    In custom games the max amout that you can increase health and shields is 500% so a player can’t have more health then 225, nor can it have more shields then 350(unless its using overshield)

  3. The damage values may and probably will be different for enemy ai in warzone, same goed for the vehicle damage and armor(if I’m not mistaken enemy vehicle armor get multiplied by 200% for a normal(white) boss, 300% for legendary(orange) bosses and 400% for mythic(red) bosses but then this is NOT confirmed, just something i read somewhere

So that said lets get to the numbers, I’ve sorted them out by faction.

PS: if you have any questions just ask👍, and if you know(or want to know) something i missed just tell me

Melee damage: Regular melee- 70
Knight blade-95
Scale of soirapt(T3 plasma rifle: 120
Ground pound: 70/181
Spartan charge: 95

UNSC weapon damage
Assault rifle
Damage per shot-6
Headshot- 36
Kinetic bolts-8
Kinetic bolts headshot-16

Magnum(includes gunfighter and tactical mag too)-18

Ce mag-25

Battle rifle
Damage per shot-7.7×3
Kinetic bolts-7.5×3

Damage per shot-6
Kinetic smg-7.8
Kinetic headshot-13

Damage per shot-22.8
Kinetic bolts-22.5

Loadout sights/scopes red reticle ranges(meters):
-ar: 68.3
-br: 85.3
-dmr: 128.0(standard)




-Br: x4: 96.0 / x6: 125.7
-dmr: x4: 144.0 / x6: 188.6

Classic: -br:63.7

Projection: -smg:34.7

*1= the ar with the longshot, cog, recon and morph sights give the ar increased accuracy when ads. The smg has the same thing with the recon, projection and morph sights


Shotgun- 158(÷13 as it fires 13 shots)
Lawgiver- 181

*Increased accuracy only applies when ads)
Blaze of glory- 180
*Partially bypasses vehicle dmg recistance

Oathsworn- 181
*literally a lawgiver with speedboost

Saw- 8.3
Headshot dmg- 18
Appetite for destruction- 8.3
Headshot dmg- 18

*no recoil+increased clip size
The answer- 25
*no headshot dmg

Hydra launcher- 80
Typhon- 100
Echidna- 60
*double zoom(like the sniper)+emp effect

H5 rocket launcher- 390
Ad victorian- 143×3
High five- 107.4×5

Spnkr- 390
Spnkr em- 390

*4 shot clip + land vehicle lock-on
Spnkr ex- 113 on impact

+44 for each splinter(8 splinters in total)

Spnkr prime- 511

*permanent upgraded shields+speed booster armor mods

Sniper rifle- 80
End of the line- 71

*no recoil+faster rof
Arrow of time- 80

*no descoping when shot+6 shot clip+increased recoil
Nornfang- 203
*area of effect(aoe)+visible radar when ads

Railgun- 300
Whiplash- 225
Arclight- 442
*pierces theough players and light vehicles

Splaser- 700(70 hits of 10 damage)
Endgame- 552(55.2×10)
Selenes’ lance- 1110(30 hits of 37 damage)
*charging beam does literally 1 damage but has VERY good knockback(similar to ki etic bolts dmr rounds)

Grenade launcher-130+25(direct hit)

Pro pipe-130
*changed ricochet angle if an enemy is close

Chaingun- Damage:10
Armor: 200(stationary only)

Oni chaingun-27

Jorges chaingun-13

Gaus turret- 223
Armor: 200(stationary only)

Oni gaus turret- 223+submunitions(they were too hard to calculate)

Rocket turret-114×6(×3 if detached)
Armor: 200(stationary only)

Covenant weapon damage

Storm rifle-
Health: 8
Shields: 12
Max ammo: 97

Health: 8
Shields: 12
Max ammo: 97
*better accuracy and better cooldown

Blissfull slumber-
Health: 9
Shields: 27
*has aoe and bullet drop

Plasma rifle-
Health: 4.25
Shields: 17
Max ammo: 200

Sorrow of teash-
Health: 4.25
Shields: 17
Max ammo: 200

Scale of soirapt-
Health: 6
Shields: 24
Melee:120 dmg
Max ammo: 300

Plasma pistol-
Uncharged: 7.5
Charged: 15
Uncharged: 31
Charged: 258
Max ammo: 100

Uncharged: 14.5
Charged: 17
Uncharged: 58
Charged: 287
Max ammo: 100

Voids tear-
Uncharged: 5
Charged: 45
Uncharged: 39.6
Charged: 394
Max ammo:200

Carbine- 12

Rain of oblivion- 12

Blood of suban-
17 per shot(5 for supercombine)
75 dmg per supercombine

Energy sword(includes infected sword)-

Relic sword- 251
*faster draw time+no speed boost

Ravening silver- 251
*faster swing and draw time

Vorpal talon- 251
*double thrusters and extra range

Prophets bane- 251
*permanent camo+extra range

Gravity hammer- 276

Corpsmaker- 250
*faster draw and swing time

Grinder- 308
*creates an emp-ing vortex

Tartarus’ gavel-
150 for direct hit
+18 per shockwave hit

Health: 3/175
Shields: 6/175

Health: 2/201
Shields: 7/201
*bigger clip+better homing

Talon of the lost-
Health: 2/140
Shields: 8/140
*supercombines in armor as well(hunter armor, knight armor, vehicle armor etc.)

H5 beam rifle- 80

Sword o/t faithful- 70
*faster cooldown

Krith’s left hand- 3×35.5

H2 beam rifle- 80

H2 beam rifle A- 92
*faster cooldown

H2 beam rifle D-
200 for direct hit
161 for the vortex(when hit directly)
*increased recoil+lower rof

Fuel rod cannon- 150

Light of urs- 139
*faster rof+decreased damage even tho its description in h5 says it does more…:unamused:

Pool of radiance-
1st hit: 117
2nd hit: 39
3rd hit: 39
*slower rof

Plasma caster-
Charged: 5×40

Scourge of fire-
Charged: 8×40
*less to no overheat

White scar-
Uncharged: 120(if all needles hit)
Charged: 5×40
Supercombine: 200
*charged shot stics on solid objects and players and acts as proxy mine

Wicked grasp- 6×13.3

Berserkers claw- 156
*tracks air targets

Plasma turret-
Damage per shot: 6
Armor: 100 (stationary only)

Shade turret-
Damage per shot: 2×5

AA-shade turret-
Damage per shot:12.55/15
Armor: 310

Forerunner weapon damage:

Suppressor- 6.3

Song of peace- 6.3
*no recoil+slightly bigger clip size

Razors edge-
7.4 per hit+170 per supercombine
*Lower rof

Boltshot- 3×11.3

Closed fist-3×11.3
*bigger clip+faster rof

Open hand-3×16
*lower rof+longer range

Light rifle-
Hipfire: 24
Ads: 35.1

Barbed lance-
Hipfire: 24
Ads: 35.1
*bigger clip+faster rof

Dying star-
Hit: 17
Explosion: 40
*lower rof+smaller clip+aoe

Direct hit: 8×20
Ricochet: 56

Loathsome thing-
Direct: 8×20
*does the same damage even tho the description on h5 says it does more…

Didacts signet-
Direct hit: 4×39
Ricochet: 88
*better homing+long projectile travel time

Binary rifle-
240(30 hit of 8 damage)

Retina o/t minds eye-
240(30 hits of 8 damage)

Twin jewels of maethrillian-
600(60 hits of 10 damage)

Incineration cannon-
Uncharged: 2×80
Charged: 385 over 2 hits

River of light-
Uncharged: 2×80
Charged: 7×80

  • faster cooldown and less bullet drop when you have a red reticle

Uncharged: 2×80
Charged: 385 over 2 hits
*tracks enemies and seems to do so even shortly after you aimed away from your target(like a lock-on)
*has more bullet drop then even the standard incin cannon without a red reticle

Sentinel beam-
1.7 damage per hit
1% energy=10 hits
*does NOT suffer from vehicle dmg resistance

Splinter turret-
Damage: 98 for a direct hit
17.5 per splinter(6 splinters total)
Armor: 100(stationary only)
*doesn’t get splinters on a direct hit, so for max dmg you’ll need to shoot at the targets feet(hit them with the aoe) and make the splinters finish them off

Now the vehicles:

UNSC Vehicles:

Damage: 2×60
Armor: 370

Damage: 2×60
Armor: 444

Damage: 2×60
Armor: 518

Damage: 2×60
Armor: 647

Damage per shot: 10
Shots to overheat: 86
Armor: 500

Corp warthog-
Damage per shot: 10
Shots to overheat: 86
Armor: 600

Damage per shot: 10
Shots to overheat: 86
Armor: 700

Sword warthog-
Damage per shot:
20 dmg per hit(5/6 shots for supercombine)
+100 per supercombine
Shots to overheat: 52
Armor: 700
Shields: 150

Oni warthog-
Damage per shot: 27
Shots to overheat: 38
Armor: 875

Damage per shot: 144(×6)

Corp rocket hog-
Damage per shot: 144(×6)

Damage per shot: 144(×6)
Armor: 700
*vespin has faster reload time and faster rockets as well as lock-on on land vehicles instead of only air

Oni rocket hog-
Damage per shot: 144(×6)
Armor: 875
*lock-on on land vehicles

Gaus warthog-
Damage per shot: 223
Armor: 500

Corp gaus hog-
Damage per shot: 223
Armor: 600

U/T/W gaushog-
Damage per shot: 223
Armor: 700

Oni gaus hog-
Damage per shot: see oni gaus turret^^^
Armor: 875

Chaingun dmg:8
Shots to overheat: 58
Missile dmg: 5×52
Armor: 650
Shields: 143

Corp mantis-
Chaingun dmg:8
Shots to overheat: 58
Missile dmg: 5×52
Armor: 750
Shields: 157

U/T/W mantis-
Chaingun dmg:8
Shots to overheat:
Missile dmg: 5×52
Armor: 875
Shields: 183

Oni mantis-
Chaingun dmg:8
Shots to overheat: 82
Missile dmg: 5×52
Armor: 1000
Shields: 200
*lock-on on land vehicles, air vehicles AND players

Hannibal mantis-
Gaus repeater: 25
Shots to overheat: 24
Missiles: 5×48
Armor: 875
Shields: 218

  • lock-on on land vehicles as well

Machine gun: 7.55
Shots to overheat:38
Rockets: 2×97.5
Armor: 450
Shields: 90

Oni wasp-
machine gun: 17.1
Shots to overheat: 33
Rockets: 2×97.5
Armor: 630
Shields: 90
*lock-on on vehicles

Hannibal wasp-
Gaus repeaters: 8×41.8
bomb launchers: 4×187.5
Armor: 540
Shields: 108
Ion bombs can act as proxy mines for a short time if not hitting directly(similar to the white scar)

Cannon: 586
Chaingun: 3.5
Shots to overheat: 99
Armor: 750

Corp scorpion-
Cannon: 586
Chaingun: 3.5
Shots to overheat: 99

U/T/W scorpion-
Cannon: 586
Chaingun: 3.5
Shots to overheat: 99
Armor: 937

Oni scorpion-
Main cannon: 880
Chaingun: 3.5
Shots to overheat: 99
*cannon shots can pierce through players and light armor, as well as ricochet of solid object when shot at an angle
*oni Scorpions dmg is when the same target gets hit by both a piercing shot which would then hit a surface to explode(hitting the target twice), otherwise it’ll do the same damage as a regular scorpion

Hannibal scorpion-
Main cannon: 622(20 hits of 31.1 damage)
Gaus repeater: 30
Shots to overheat: 19
Armor: 938

Covenant vehicles:

Dmg per shot:16

Sword ghost-
Dmg per shot:16
Armor: 560

Temple ghost-
Dmg per shot:16
Armor: 700
*can shoot while boosting

Ghost ultra-
Dmg per shot: 25
Armor: 700

Plasma cannons: 14
Fuel rods: 376
Armor: 330
Shields: 99

Sword banshee-
Plasma cannons: 14
Fuel rods: 376
Armor: 462
Shields: 99

Temple banshee-
Plasma cannons: 14
Fuel rods: 376
Armor: 660
Shields: 99
*faster rof on the fuel rod cannon and can shoot while boosting

Banshee ultra-
Plasma cannons: 14
Fuel rods- 462(384+39+39)
Armor: 660
Shields: 99
*faster rof on the fuel rod cannon

Cannon: 558
Turret: 6
Shots to overheat: 60
Armor: 600

Sword wraith-
Cannon: 558
Turret: 6
Shots to overheat: 60
Armor: 720

Temple wraith-
Cannon: 558
Turret: 6
Shots to overheat: 60
Armor: 900
*can shoot while boosting+faster rof on the mortar

Wraith ultra-
Cannon: 229+ 37.5(+/-)per submunition
Turret: 6
Shots to overheat: 60
Armor: 900

Fuel rod flak cannons: 2×37.5
Plasma repeater:30
Shots to overheat: 8
Armor: 720

Phaeton stats:

Energy cannon: 2×10
Shots to overheat: 81
Pulse missiles: 4×112
Armor: 650

Cleansing beam: 3.2 per hit
1 overheat=110 hits
Pulse missiles: 16×40
Armor: 812

Wow you are being really thorough with these posts. It’s interesting to dig into the numbers of everything. Thanks for posting!

> 2533274815711361;4:
> Wow you are being really thorough with these posts. It’s interesting to dig into the numbers of everything. Thanks for posting!

Yeah ik, its like an addiction lol, the only thing i have to figure out is the vehicle dmg resistances, i already noticed that the DR doesn’t depend on the vehicle armor, but more like the vehicle itself and the projectile type of the weapon(explosive, ballistic, plasma etc.) But the numbers of which does what is still a maze to me.

Aye thanks for the awesome stats man. What about Sangheili and elite health? OR covenant in general?

This is an awesome resource to have. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this!!!

Can you make a comparison of the explosive objects under “Props” in forge? I want to make weapon prefabs with them, but I want them to be as powerful as possible.