Weapon and vehicle skins are such fun

I love seeing people driving vehicles or picking up guns and seeing the different skins and charms. Seeing someone else having the same as me, or seeing a gun that I don’t own but have a brief opportunity to use it, it’s awesome.

I wish I saved the replay of one funny time. I was standing at a Battle Rifle spawn, and someone else on the team sidles up to me to try and snag it first. I got the gun, and it had the the other guy’s skin! (It certainly wasn’t mine since the skin wasn’t even unlocked for me). Poor guy!

I’ll always dream of customizations for non-human weapons and vehicles. But I really enjoy the things we have to enjoy today.


Ever picked up an AR with the Nerf Skin and the Halo Infinite edition ote Controller Charm?

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It’s always cool, but I hope it doesn’t get too off the wall. When I started on Modern Warfare’s Warzone, all the skins were pretty cool. Simple, awesome looking, subtle and accented well. As the years have gone on, it’s getting more and more ridiculous looking. There’s guns that light up, change color, have human flesh on them, have things modeled onto them that don’t even make them look like a gun anymore. It’s insane to manage.

It honestly defeats the purpose, in my opinion, of unique skins when there are so many that it doesn’t even feel like something special to have. I’m all for customization, but man, it got way too much to even care about anymore. I hope Halo keeps it relatively subtle and mature looking. Might just be me.


It has already started. We have cat ears and fracture cores. This is a F2P game that is supposedly going to last 10 years. Look at how crazy COD Vanguard is. Thats probably the direction Halo will gradually but inevitably head in as long as there’s profit to be made.

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Yea… I saw that and the Pop coatings for the Battle Rifle and Mongoose and kinda cringed. I appreciate customization… but this doesn’t feel like Halo at all.


I’ll always dream of customizations for non-human weapons

There’s no good reason they dont give us skins for these weapons

I want them!

Besides, its more things for 343 to monetize. It would be a win-win for consumer/dev

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I don’t mind Vehicle & Weapon skins but I do wish they stop making skins for the AR, BR & Sidekick & Warthog, there’s more vehicles & weapons that need more skins

Lol, I may not buy those, but they are wild to see.

If they make a fluffy cat tail, it will never leave my body.

I agree with the sentiment. Some weapons really need more love in the skins department. It’s crazy to think yhat the Hydra only has 2 skins so far. Sure, AR and BR may be most used by way of being starting guns, but they don’t need more additions so often.