Weapon and vehicle based challenges

IMO it would be more reasonable to change weapon based and vehicle based challenges into more weapon/vehicle type challenges.

Instead of challenges like ‘Kill 10 enemies with a ravager’ give players a challenge that goes ‘kill 10 enemies with Banished weapons’

Same with vehicles, instead of ‘destroy 3 warthogs’ give players ‘destroy 3 UNSC vehicles’

As of right now, the weapons are not always guaranteed to be in that map you saw them on, same with vehicles. Note on vehicle ones aswell, it is quite frustrating trying to do destroy specific vehicle challenge, more often than not when you try to destroy it, using plasma nades, rockets etc. You kill the driver and passengers
before you destroy the vehicle. This change I am proposing makes it more tolerable and less luck based.

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I can completely back this and I’ve suggested it before. It’s in MCC so I don’t know why it’s different in Infinite.


How would 343 and Microsoft sell challenge swaps if they did that? Servers cost money yano. Gotta make these dorky challenges to funnel money to the shareholders