Weapon ammo capacity

I do currently in the process of completing a project which involves tracking the ammo capacity for every weapon in the Halo history. However, few weapons remain before this list becomes complete and I would be very grateful if anyone would like to help. Here is a list of the weapons of interest with weapon category parentheses.


  • Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifle)Rare

  • Light of Urs (Fuel Rod Cannon)Ultra Rare

  • Arrow of Time (Sniper Rifle) - Barbed Lance (LightRifle) - Binary Rifle (Binary Rifle) - Echidna (Hydra Launcher) - High Five (Rocket Launcher) - Loathsome Thing (Scattershot) - Pool of Radiance (Fuel Rod Cannon) - Retina of the Mind’s Eye (Binary Rifle) - SPNKr EX (Rocket Launcher) - White Scar (Plasma Caster)Legendary

  • Didact’s Signet (Scattershot) - Dying Star (LightRifle) - Twin Jewels of Maethrillian (Binary Rifle)

The exact information I need is the ammo capacity for all of these weapons when you have the Patrol Case Armor Mod active.

Here is example on how a ammo capacity presentation may look.

Halo 2 Battle Rifle + Patrol Case
Clip Size: 36
Reserve Ammo: 216