Weapon Achievements

Why are there no weapon achievements?
Kill 50/100/250/1000/N Enemies with the Battle Rifle/etc.
For the earlier amount you get x-amount of experience and in the last you get a weapon skin for this specific weapon you did the challenge with.

This could also be easily used for vehicles with kills or drive x-amount of kilometres/miles. and you get the vehicle skin.

Why is something so easy not included?

Was this something that was included in previous Halo games?

I think they want to limit those kind of feats to challenges

If I remember correctly, achievements for killing enemies with a specific weapons hasn’t been widely used in the Halo history. However, we have seen commendations with a similar purpose as what you suggest.

In my opinion, I would love to see commendations return in Halo Infinite as these challenges act as long term goals. If we take Halo 4 as an example, the commendations played a huge role in the item unlock process and many of the armors where locked behind completing commendation masteries which was perfect as it meant that it was truly rewarding to unlock these armors.