Weapon/AA Balance Non-DMR Edition

So far I am having a great time with the game, sans the DMR, but there are some weapons and armor abilities that I think are lacking.

One thing I can say I love about Halo 4 is the new power weapons. They feel amazing to use and they have their own uniqueness that fits new roles for power weapons that we didn’t have before.

SAW: Too weak.

SAW has to be my favorite new power weapon, but at the moment it seems too weak. It’s range is short, so it’s effective in very few places in the game. At the moment it’s range is about that of the AR and it kills what seems like a little faster than the AR, so at times it doesn’t even feel like a power weapon. I think that it’s range needs to be beef up a tad so it can still be used at close-mid range rather than just close range.

Railgun: Short charge.

Railgun has to be my second favorite edition to the game, but one design decision I don’t get is that it’s charge and hold time is ridiculously short compared to singleplayer. Granted, it’s still effective, but the short charge makes using it a little tedious.

Machine Gun Turret: Range.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems that the MGT isn’t that powerful. What should be a deadly and suppressive weapon only seems to work at a ridiculously close distance. It might just be me, I might not be using it right, but this is how it feels to me.

Thruster Pack: Useless.

I was excited about the Thruster Pack as I was an Evade user in Reach, but TP in 4 is just downright useless. It’s range is minimal, the boost is slow, and add in that it puts you in a uncontrollable 3rd person then you got yourself a POS. I think if the range was farther and the forced TPS was taken out it would be a decent AA.

Autosentry: Useless.

This one is simple: it does nothing. The autosentry deals next to no damage and it’s fire rate is slower than molasses. Cool concept, horribly implemented.