We will honor you, bring out Halo wars 2

_Though I’m not apart of the Halo wars council, there is still plenty I have to say about the game and it’s future. I’m one of the most known Halo wars players that still currently plays actively. I’m also part of the high level community, the top tier of players that dominate over the majority of the game. It is to my surprise how much this game means not only to me, the high level community, but it means the world to even the players that don’t win every game. The game means different things to each and everyone of us. It has became a very important addition to my childhood, and it is hard to let go. So I personally ask you among everyonelse to bring us Halo Wars 2.

_Every single time a new hyped game is released, it’s projected that Halo wars will die. Yet Halo wars overcomes every obstacle. Going halo themed, it’s a spartan; and Spartans don’t die. Halo wars hit the lowest population I’ve seen in the years I’ve been apart of it, when halo4 was released. It was below 1,000 at certain times this week. Then today I checked up on it and we are back to 3,000 players within the first week halo4 was released. The hopeful players of Halo wars figured we would hit that within 2 weeks or more. That compared to other games, obviously isn’t an accomplishment. For us as a Halo wars community, is a great accomplishment.
Halo wars a 3 year game going on 4, is still much more a favorite game then all current competition. Even that of halo4, and hopefully black ops 2.

_Halo Wars is very important to all of us as a community, and this next generation of gamers that are coming about each year need a game like this. Halo wars is the biggest reminder that not every good game has to be a first person shooter. This is a game that takes thought, and memory of everything you do. The better player you are, the more fundamentals come to play. We the community exceeded expectations of what the game would become after release. We took it and made it our own. I’ve played just about every game that was hyped about, and after a day or two I put my halo wars back in. This doesn’t only go to for me, but everyonelse that thoroughly enjoys halo wars.

_I have a lot of questions for 343 about halo wars, and what it would take to make halo wars 2 a possibility. I’ve boughten 4 halo wars or more throughout the past 3 years. If mine broke or I lost it, that was the only game I wanted. I will do my research and see what figures I can discover to find the value halo wars 2 would be. I can even offer the best advice for what halo wars 2 could be like, how the feel of the game should be. How units should really be balanced and everything. Me, and all high level players know halo wars inside and out. We know how the game should really be played Ina skill based level. The recreational players must enjoy the game themselves too, and have plenty of great ideas as well. But, competition in the game, flare for the game, and the demand for the game goes through skill. So if you guys want to speak with any of the pros of Halo wars we would gladly give any help to make halo wars 2 possible. I believe in 343, and that you will do great. Please inflict that greatness upon halo wars 2.

So what will it take for halo wars 2, to be possible? Challenge us, as we challenge you.

I’d give it a 7/10, would read again. Take out the first and last paragraphs and I can easily relate to that post.

343 has hinted at a sequel for Halo Wars, however, as time goes on, this game will be worth less and less to its more casual community. No matter how you look at it, the casual consumer base is where the money is, so I’d imagine that 343’s Halo 4 project pretty much killed any hopes of this title getting really big in the future.

But really, Halo Wars’ competition has been on life support for over a year now even within the high level community, which says to me that most of us have lost faith in the game and that’s not a good message to send to a developer. Personally, I think 343 missed its window. But, this has always been the most dismal season of Halo Wars’ activity, so we’ll see how well things are going this Spring.

All in all, I think this game has a really strong cult following to it that will never make it into the light because of the way the game was left out to dry. Still, I’ve seen a multitude of small references to Halo Wars in various Halo related content, which implies that 343 is far more accepting of Halo Wars than Bungie was and that should, at the very least, keep some glimmer still shining for the dedicated players.

Halo Wars 2 will need to make an impression, not sit anonymously on the shelf as Halo Wars [1] did and I can see a sequel doing very well if it were presented in the right way. One thing that I think failed for Halo Wars is how a sizable chunk of its sales were from people that didn’t know it was an RTS. Look at LoL, simple RTS games aren’t dead by any means. I don’t think Halo Wars has to be either.

Well, I do agree with there legskindal. However I would like to point out that LoL isn’t an RTS game, it’s merely an RPG-esque MOBA. It isn’t a RTS, a halo wars 2 would presumably be much more complicated and I hope it is. Indeed you are correct when you say that it is worrying that the majority of people who bought halo wars did so without realising the game was an RTS. because of that, I imagine even if it were heavily marketed, halo wars 2 would be far less successful commercially than halo wars 1 was.

Still halo wars 2 has a lot of potential flexibility and it could definitely be a great game, becoming the ultimate console RTS. Yes, halo wars is the best console RTS (for sheer entertainment), but it is still far too simple to be the best we can get on the box.

I really do hope we get a halo wars 2 though because I loved the first game. The campaign was really nice, but the multiplayer was such a fresh change from the hardcore RTS games of the computer, which were nice, but sometimes you just want to relax and play a simpler yet just as vibrant, just as entertaining and surprisingly nearly as complex substitute with your console buddies and halo wars was the perfect solution.

Halo 4 just came out and Halo wars is till getting 3k population when i went on it last saturday/sunday to play a few games.

I haven’t lost faith in halo wars, but as far as I can tell, 343 did.

Halo wars 2 was canceled when ensemble went out of buisness.

interesting tidbit. the guys who made halo wars went on to make the … with friends apps that are so popular and the rest of ensemble is now robot entertainment. anyhow my purpose for this post is that i saw oxm say in june this year halo wars 2 would be a next gen console game so aparently 343 hasnt abandoned it.

> Halo wars 2 was canceled when ensemble went out of buisness.

Ensemble didn’t go bust they were shut down. they also didn’t make any plans for a halo wars 2.

There was an achievement called: ready for the sequel
-I’m not sure if that was meant for a halowars2 or not-

If it was than that in my opinion was plans for a Halowars2 possibly.