We Want You!

Hello Halo World,I am AgentChusett of the Onyx Battalion, We are a militarized clan on Halo 4 and we are currently recruiting, if you would like to join message myself, AgentChusett, or CoolAnthony316 or BeastingOnYah.

How big are you? Also as a founder of a clan, I reccomend you get a website. It’s a real help for organiziation.

We are a very small clan clan we around 25 members with 14 constantly on, we are also looking for other clans to practice with!

Well, I have a clan which was started recently and we just hit double figures, it might be interesting training with you?

yeah sure just message one of the people in the original post!

im part of a clan, a small one, but wanna practice some time?

I would like to join a clan!