We want UAE servers please 343

Halo now is very popular in middle east, fans will really appreciate if 343 runs a UAE servers so all the fans can enjoy awsome gameplay with low ping, its really annoying to see most of big games use UAE servers like bf 2042, apex, cs go, but not Halo which now have big middle east fans.

I really hope 343 listen to us and made this happen because its very important to us and will determine the continous playing Multiplayer in the future for many players.

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Lol we can’t even get servers in the mountain regions of the United States. You ain’t getting one guy


Hahaha why thou :sweat_smile:

I mean battlefield 2042, the unfinished game have UAE servers, why Halo don’t? It’s so disappointing :disappointed:

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Its because they’re hosted on Microsofts mega servers Azure servers, they don’t want to pay for more I guess. Honestly I have no good answer except they don’t want or care if everyone has a good experience

Money is certainly not the issue here


UAE Dubai servers please.