Clan Name: DJIC - DarkJusticeInc

Points Of Contact: Gamertag Darkshadowkg121 or leave a forum post to join

Mission: To represent the halo community and help keep it alive. We do game nights war zone raids hang outs. We are casual, competitive, fun loving Spartans that play halo just to play halo
this isn’t a WE NEED ACHILLES ARMOR SET SO PLZ JOIN NOW recruiting form post
We are looking for like minded people To join us we use Xbox messages and our forms to communicate and plan or set something up if we happen to get the armor then good but the way things are 343 will just bring out something that is better than Achilles anyway

Thank you for your time

Also people that are recruiting plz do that on your own forums it makes u look like a -Yoink- when u go recruiting on another companies recruitment form post.