We want to play matchmade games normally

Hi guys! We’re players from Taiwan, we love HALO and we always support HALO.
But we got some problem recently. Maybe I say “recently” is too kind because I believe most of people here know the problem is.
Will you 343 do us this favor to solve it quickly??
The problem is that WE ARE HARD to search people in matchmade games.
HALO4 and HALO Reach used to work, but why MCC not?
It usually kept us waiting for searching no one, even if it successfully matched, we always got bad ping.
We sincerely hope this problem will be solved as faster as possible, thank you so much! We always love HALO.

Was your issue resolved? I suggest contacting them directly if this is a possibility. You should make sure your NAT Type is open, and try and reset your router and modem by unplugging and replugging it in once in a while.

Separately, recently simply means it has happened within a short period of time, so it has nothing to do with the amount of people.