We want stuff from the previous games back!

So I had the game for a week now and finished the game and started playing a bit of multiplayer and i noticed so much fun things from the previous games that are gone! In my oppinion you shuold never take away good stuff from previous games and replace them with new, you ADD the new stuff.

The Hornet: I thougt that was way better then the banshee, finnaly the humans got a own plane/chopper. I mean why take it away?

The SMG: the SMG was very funny spray and close quarters weapon.

The Bruteshot: In my oppinion the awsomest weapon and funny one because you could bounche the shots, at least make it a Ordernance option? and why keep the Hammer when no other Brute weapons is in the game?

Dual Wielding: Master Chief must have gotten to little oxygen when he was in cryostasis, he forgot how to fire weapons with his left hand!

The Spectre: It wasn’t used so much but it gave a counter to the warthog.

And finnaly, If we cant choose between Elits and Spartans anymore why bother have all the covenant weapons still in the game anyway? and their vehicles.

Just some thoughts put out there.
(And bear with my English as it is not my first language)