“We want every Spartan to be unique and special” 🤣

LOL yeah right. Why can’t customization be fun in games anymore without whipping out your credit card? The system in place right now is absolute garbage. How is anybody going to be “unique and special” when you have to pay for armor, emblems, & COLORS??? Not only are you paying for basic colors that have been free to us since just about forever, you can’t even mix and match emblems and ARMOR. WHAT? Armor cores are just about the worst thing next to these color pallets that I’ve seen in a very long time. You’re basically unlocking specific colors and armor schemes for a core of armor that YOU DON’T EVEN USE/LIKE. How can you get excited about unlocking something when you already know that it’s something you’ll never equip because it’s stuck sitting with a core that you don’t even use. WHAT IS THE POINT? Oh yeah, the point is 343 making money by taking advantage of fans through money walls and micro transactions.

I understand battle passes, (thanks to games like Fortnite who ruined the whole system of unlocking free cosmetic things) and that’s just how games are now a days and that’s the reality of it. Multimillion dollar companies who make multiplayer free but include micro transactions because I guess they need the money. Whatever though, I’ve already accepted awhile back that games now will never be what they used to. Never again will we buy a $60 game and have the freedom to customize anything we want in any way we want for FREE. The only things we’d buy back in the day were multiplayer maps and that was it. Armor, colors, and emblems were always free to us through ranking up.

So money-wise, basically, I’ve accepted the battle passes. Those will never go away. Special shop armor to buy is also fine I guess. But what isn’t fine is PAYING FOR COLORS AND EMBLEMS in the store. It’s such a joke. The customization for armor and emblems is absolute trash. We shouldn’t ever have to pay for colors. 30 free colors should be the bare minimum for people to customize their spartan. How is everyone going to be “unique and special” when everyone is unlocking the same exact color schemes? We shouldn’t have to pay for or unlock COLORS. What they should put in the store to buy is special colors/textures/patterns/animated armor. This way if there is a cool pattern or effect people have to option to buy it to be more unique. But paying for base colors is an absolute joke and a HUGE letdown. I can’t take 2 of my favorite colors and apply them on my spartan? Instead I need to use a pre existing color scheme with a bunch of other crap colors that nobody wants that millions of other people have equipped in the halo world? No thanks. You can no longer separate emblems? What the hell? Also there’s COLOR PALLETS FOR EMBLEMS TOO? I’m laughing writing this because of how terrible this is. What is 343 doing? Lastly, armor cores? What in the hell is that? Why limit armor to specific cores? Outside of them making money how in the hell does that make any sense? Like how in real life does that make sense? “Oh no can’t wear these shoes today because I can only wear them when I’m wearing summer clothes, not fall clothes”. Makes absolutely no sense. There’s no motivation to unlock things when you know you won’t even use them because they’re specific to one armor core that you don’t even like. It really limits your customization options too. Again, back to being “unique and special”. How are you supposed to be unique and special if you can only apply new unlocked armor to a only a specific core of armor? That means that when that piece of armor gets unlocked, you automatically equip it to that specific core and then use that core. So now you have millions upon millions of people using the same exact armor and color scheme at the same time.

Great job so far 343 on -Yoink!- the OG Halo fans since 2001 and even the newcomers by burning them with micro transactions and making the multiplayer system the same as any other crap FPS on the market right now with no way to stand out and have no fun at all customizing. Great job you guys rock :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Not even the body types change how you look really. They really ruined everything customisation wise in this game.

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I wouldn’t even mind paying for coatings if there was a default option for people to freely change their colours like they have been able to for over a decade, make coatings the premium option but don’t strip people of choice.


It really is hilarious how Halo 2 with it’s whopping three different things you can change about your armour allows players to express themselves way more freely than Infinite does. Get 16 players together in a custom FFA lobby in that game and I guarantee you there’ll be more unique characters than in a 24 player Infinite match.