We want all of our game modes in Halo Infinite!

Please 343 Industries, let us have all of our game modes in the multiplayer! Don’t forget what happened when you kept back content like you did last time with Halo 5: Guardians. We do not want a repeat of where we can’t play our favorite game modes like Infection, Swat, Team Snipers, etc. until a few months later when you add them in one at a time with each patch you release. It is not that hard. If Halo: Reach and Halo 3 can have a full release with all of their content on Day 1, then so can Halo Infinite. I do not want this game to fail. I want this game to surpass all the Halo games that have come out before. Thank you for your time.


Yeah, it’d have been a much better idea to use events to introduce new modes rather than gate classic ones behind it.

But of course that means they have to think up new modes.

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I think it will change in the future though. Since this is a beta, I think we will have an opportunity for modes to be added later. I would however like to pick the modes I want to play now.

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