We Waited 6 Years For This?!

Whether you want to admit this or not, this game (multiplayer) will go downhill faster than the speed of light!!! People are leaving day by day and it’s only going to get worse!!

It’s ignorant and quite frankly impossible to ignore the amount of negative feedback Infinite has got and continues to get on a daily basis. Forget these forums, just go on to any major networking website and see!! It’s impossible to miss.

Now don’t come here and tell me to “take a chill pill”, “give them time”, “stop crying” ….just don’t bother.

They had 6 years to make this game, 6 years to get to know what the Halo Players really want. They had flights, flights in which we gave feedback which wasn’t listened to. We didn’t want our beloved Halo turned into Fortnite, we didn’t to become a Paywall Limited Game.

Like seriously man, why the **** have you turned Halo into this.

You’ve lied 343, you’ve outright lied about you can get this and we can unlock that….ye of course we can, we put credit cards!!!

This is not Halo

We have you feedback about a lot of the issues we have today but you totally ignored them. I mean ffs, win or lose in this game you all get the same XP- where on earth is the logic. Where is the incentive to want to do better in game and so what you can. I’ll just run around knowing I’m getting the same XP as everyone else.

**** it anyway, everyone else is running around trying to do challenges anyway.

It’s simple- the whole system is broken: this is what you done in 6 years….ffs I feel like starting a petition to bring Bungie back!!!

There are too many problems to ignore and just say “give them time” and for those of you who say “just don’t play it” ….I’ve invested a lot of time in Halo, it’s been my No1 game since childhood, so I have a right to give an opinion just like everyone else.

•No XP for performance!!!
•No Ingame stats/service record!!
•No promised unlocks!!! (All designed to make you spend)
•No Spartan Rank
•Everything evolves around challenges!!!
•Limited customisation (Why take away old features ie emblem colouring)
•Weapons not balanced
•Vehicles are broken in many ways (control, balance)
•Radar is useless
•Forcing Crossplay!!!

•MONETISATION!!! (This actually took everything away from Halo)

There are many many more!!!

FFS delay the game again, have another year and make me pay £60 for the multiplayer, I’m happy to do so if you get it bloody right and listen to what we are saying!!

343 didn’t give us what we were promised!!!
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I really couldn’t agree more with everything you have said. Most people choose to just ignore it and believe anything. Thank you for this post. Let’s hope 343 start reading the forums more.


I doubt it bud, all we get is sugar coated so called fixes (let’s increase the xp a little and hope they forget about everything else)!!!

Fake apologies
Fake promises

Ps: Welcome to the forums :facepunch:t4:


Chill, it’s a beta. I’m sure the game will be much better at release.



:unamused::unamused::unamused: The disappointment is unreal


So true. Microsoft needs to clean house with that studio. They’re unbelievable. This “Beta” wasn’t even a Beta, it just shows how they work.

That campaign better be flawless because that could be the final nail in their coffin.


The only hope I have in me is in that campaign. I really hope the campaign is decent.


Beta my a**, they listened to nothing!!


Money grabbers- turned our beloved Halo into this Paylo!!!


I agree with you, only Fortenite/Apex kids with parents credit cards will be left lol. No matter what Youtub/twitch streamers say, This is not the Halo fans want or deserve.


Not what we deserved or wanted at all bud. It’s such a shame it really is


We all hear you bro… playing this franchise since our childhood and now 343 bent us over with no lube and wants our money for sub par armor sets.


The people have spoken.

Fix our Franchise known as “Halo” or you may lose your oldest/most dedicated fans of all time.


I went back to MCC last night and played some reach and damn did that game feel good with precision weapons that actually work.


I agree the game has significant problems (@343 the radar is so bad for goodness’ sake please fix it omg!)

That said, I think your tone is kinda… petty, I guess? I mean, you act like Halo belongs to you. It’s a terrific game and a part of my childhood as well, but that doesn’t make it mine to claim. 343 owns the series now; they haven’t done it justice yet, in my opinion, but the bar is, to be fair, astronomically high because the old games were so - INCREDIBLY - outstandingly good. So, no I don’t think I was “promised” anything. I hoped, I was kinda disappointed, but life goes on. I still play Halo: CE 20 years later, so it’s not like these games go out of style. If in two years this game has been adjusted to be really weel balanced and they’ve fixed the radar and lack of grenade indicators, and added lots of modes, maps, playlists, etc., it’ll probably be a really great game.

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I think the Act Man himself said it best

“Welcome to Modern Gaming”

I can’t remember the last time I played a game that wasn’t half baked.

I’m pretty sure the last one was Titanfall.

Just because it’s a live service doesn’t mean you update the game from being half baked to fully. You bring out the full thing and provide us with more to play. If there is more then it makesnus feel better. Instead of looking at the game as it’s near complete we could look at the game as it’s complete and there is more on the way

I don’t think I’m the only person who thinks maybe this game should have been put in the oven for just alittle bit longer.


when you take into consideration for a moment…
Halo Reach: either had 3 years and half the team (because the other half was working on odst) OR had 1 year with the full team between the launch of odst and its launch? it had FAR more content, a good progression system (yes it could be cheesed, but it’s better than infintie’s), and a reason to keep coming back. each rank showing off what you can get next rank, Cr acting as both in game currency AND xp. IN LESS TIME?!

Halo Infinite: had almost double the time it took every other halo game. and okay, let’s give 343 a fair shake. let’s say it took them 3 years to make the new engine, for whatever reason. okay, well that still leaves 3 years… with an engine that they know and have desinged… yet in 3 years they pump out a trash heap of a game, where the ONLY working thing isn’t the optimization, isn’t a balanced sandbox, it’s the sodding microtransactions… ain’t that sad? ‘oh, but it’s free’ -Yoink!-, that just goes to show even MORE how microsoft/343 only cared about the money, and not the product

and they LIED to the consumers about what you can get in the game
‘you unlock everything through playing the game’ kinda forgot the mention the only way is through paying, LOL
‘you can only get the item one way, either the shop or bp’ oh really?! then why do i see pieces of an armor kit, in which i unlocked through the bp, in the shop?! also why do i see the same colored white armor coating, twice?! this ain’t excusable, even if it’s ‘modern gaming’. loot boxes was the modern gaming for a time, yet we all made an uproar about it, and changed that

‘oh, but it’s a beta’ -Yoink!-. like honestly. they released the beta during the holidays, meaning they’d only have one week after the holidays to update it… do you honestly think ANYTHING will change in a week? nah man, they just wanted that holiday release. also, for a beta, i didn’t expect a BETA EVENT, or a BETA SHOP, to be functional. also apparently, what we see is what will be in the game at launch… meaning, it’s not really a beta. it just launched early

also also… let’s just like, come to an agreement on something.
if a game, that took 6 years to make, is not even a quarter of the way finished… don’t launch the game. launching a game half baked, and then updating it to unclude stuff that should’ve been there AT LAUNCH, is inexcusable. like certain iconic gamemodes that are not at all hard to make! or co-op campaign. or elite prefered species. or FORGE

it’s really telling how 70% of the people agree that all this, is total smoke and mirrors nonsense
‘oh, but waypoint isn’t a good way to see the community’s full reaction. it’s just full of cry baby’s’ ah, yes, the site designed for halo, by the creators of halo, for the halo fans to talk about the halo game. if anything. THIS IS TELLING, this is the perfect place for a full community reaction. since this IS where most of them are. and 74% (as of editing) of players think this is inexcusable, and you STILL don’t believe it… i dunno what to tell ya, that’s just sad

honestly? i’ve given up all hope, personaly, on halo infinite, and halo as a whole. 343 didn’t hear us fully when making 5. 343 didn’t hear us when updating 5. and 343 STILL hasn’t listened or cared about us when it comes to the critiques of infinite… to anyone honestly believing that 343 will fix this… you’re holding your breath for a god who will never come. 343 ain’t gunna fix squat. if anything, i wouldn’t be surprised if they turned halo into a battle royal. i mean they have the entire infinite campaign as a open world map… so why not, says corprate greed, why not keep following the gaming trends that halo was trying to avoid?!
nah man, ima play the campaign, 100% it, and never touch this pile of grunt fiesies again. unless some SERIOUS changes are made to it, which i ain’t holding my hopes for at all. see ya’l on halo 5 and mcc…


I definitely agree that this game should not have come out like this at all. There are too many things wrong and too many lies and fake promises.

I would have happily waited another year if our opinions were listened to.


I couldn’t have said it anything better :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


We gotta make a slogan

Something to do with being Overpromised and Underdelivered

I think if we do this it could get the ball rolling and stop these ridiculous delays. Like come on upwards of 3 weeks for FFA?

Edit: No Joke I am down to make a slogan or a little remark we can use to show what we mean


take a chill pill, give them some time, maybe you’ll finish crying once their done.

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