We told you 343

We told you months ago to change the progression system and give us basic color customization, monetize customizable patterns we could place on our Spartan, but noooooo.

Now here we are, 343’s lies are being discovered.
Go check out FootedGhost’s video “This did not age well…” on Youtube.

“millions of customization options day one”

We said it already, there won’t even be close to a thousand coatings in 5 years, let alone 10.

343 is creating their own problems, customization should be a tool in the players hand’s, not somebody’s job at 343.


guess what? its not day one yet. shhh baby.

So many customization options that almost everyone is using the default MK VII without changing a thing. I’m sure that’s because they want, and not because they literally have no other armor to choose from.

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You think millions of customization options are coming Dec 8th? Go check the leaks dude. Hell, check official statements made by 343 saying this is everything that they had ready for launch.

I don’t think so dude. L

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lol “its a beta” the game releases in 2 weeks. Its not a beta. 343 stated whats in the game for multiplayer is whats in the game for “release” You got what youre gonna get.

This game is bad with all the design choices


Almost all; The gameplay is super fun.

It’s the challenge system that kills MP for me atm, it saps all the enjoyment I would have had in a normal game where you can grind out Battle Passes. Going 30 something and 4 and getting nothing for it is beyond lame.

I’m done with all my challenges and now there is no reason to play :\

thats a negative, its cod with a halo skin. Thats why everyone seems to love it. Classic halo is dead and never coming back

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I feel like the original quote was “millions of customization options day one, if you can afford it.” but it got cut.


Well not everything is out yet. there are a few weapon(s) that we yet have to play with …called the scrap cannon
On the armor side of things…probably…who knows.

Go to YouTube and watch ‘Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview’ and skip to 6:30.

It’s actually worse

Where is this official statement? I haven’t seen it. And yes, Maybe not millions, but I definitely believe people will be pleasantly surprised with new content/game modes/cosmetics on launch.

But “OmG y u play for customizations and not for FUN!??? Omg zoomer” - people in these forums that don’t understand that the human brain works for reward.

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I know right?
It’s really taken off with the last decade or so, but even as far back as Halo 2, you unlocked a final MP map for beating the campaign.

Even simple stuff like holding the door open for someone. When they ignore you it sucks. When they say thank you, it makes you feel good.

The human brain is a funny thing. The better we get at understanding it, the better corporations get at exploiting it.

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Although I’m sure the game will be better out of beta, I don’t think it should be an excuse for the lack of customization. Unless u pay 100+ dollars ur gonna look like a base colored default spartan

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Your right sadly. I’m just hoping they make a huge update changing all of the color scheming. Kinda what destiny 2 did with their shaders

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If anyone can do it, it’s 343. They did away with Halo 5’s lootbox system and overhauled the customization system in that game.

Hopefully the little Bobby Kotick at 343 or Microsoft can get out of the Halo team’s way and let them make changes that would benefit their game and player enjoyment in the long run.

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Yep. It’s crazy to me how many Halo boomers use that line. They don’t understand that gaming has changed since Halo 1 and 2 lol.

They’re probably the same people that cried about Armor Abilities in Reach… and Reach was easily the best Halo Multiplayer.