We should talk about this before Halo 6

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I saw these two videos of LateNightGaming :
First Video: - YouTube
Second Video (the most important ): - YouTube

I think we should really talk about this, because if it’s not true, it dosen’t have an impact on anything and it wouldn’t be important, but if it turns out to be true… We could litteraly save our favorite franchise. It would say that they have wonderful ideas for Halo and the future of Halo, but they can’t apply anything by the fault of Microsoft. They obligated them to give us an incomplete, oversimplified and irrevelant story that dosen’t fit at all with the good story of Halo 4 and forced 343 to rush the game… And for us it should be innacceptable. The worst in that it’s 343 that take all the -Yoink- for the things Microsoft obligated them to do… It must be horrible.

I don’t know for you, but I don’t want to let that happen again (if it happened) and let Halo 6 have a wonderful gameplay, but a -Yoink- story, because I adore the story of Halo until Halo 5…

And if you ask, I believe him beacause he have some proofs, he shows some pictures of the old version of Halo 5 and it fits with all they said and with the publicity they’ve made about Halo 5.

I thinks we should spread this, and if you agree, spread it. If you don’t agree, it’s a forum so we are here to talk. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I made english mistakes, I have dyslexia and it’s not my first language.

First Lazy Link
Second Lazy Link

I didn’t even bother to watch the videos. All I say is, 343 needs to take their time, don’t rush anything, and it’ll be good. Delay the game a year back if they need to. I’d rather wait for a great game than get a rushed game early.