We Should Have Traditional Halo Emblems

I’m surprised we don’t have the same emblems for a profile card like we do in traditional Halos. It be nice if they were copied and pasted over from Halo 5. And you know how in H5 you can pick your Spartan’s stance? There should be something like that with all the varying units. Or maybe just with Leader’s. So you would have a handful of stances by each leader. But I was really thinking it would be cool to get a mode where you could unlock the models of the units and observe them. I don’t know what to call it. Mortal Kombat X for instance had something where you could unlock the characters in a viewer mode and sort of just spin them around as they would just do very simple standing animations.

I agree I’m disappointed that they didn’t put customizable emblems in both halo 5 and HW2. But in H5 at least you got a large selection to pick from in HW2 its just your gamer pic.

Yeah, just copy the ones from H5 over to HW2. But all those Spartan Stances have a lot of potential in HW2 because it wouldn’t just be limited to a Spartan. The game needs some progressive unlockable kind of things. This is one of the main reasons I hate seeing Blitz (and Warzone) because I feel like they waste so much energy on this uncreative game mode hoping that these packs of cards provide a sense of progression or things to unlock or something. I dunno.

Unit models in RTS aren’t quite as forgiving when observed alone and up close. I’m not sure you’d be very impressed with a viewer mode.

I would love to have my usual emblem back.