We should have map weather variety in matchmaking

I think for matchmaking maps set in outside environments (open sky environments), Halo 5 should give different varieties of the map during the “voting for a map stage” where you can play the same map in rain, snow, fog or, just regular weather. This would affects gameplay for example, snow can affect grenade bouncing because the grenades can get caught in the snow, rain can affect sprint and the traction and control your Spartan has while sprint and fog can affect your sight.

These neat features would add a new skill level to Halo for the real match begins in the voting stage and that can change the whole outcome of the game. For example, if you were to play a player like ninja that has excellent grenade placement, it would be smart to try to choose the snow version of a map if its available because it would make it harder for Ninja to perfectly place his grenades because the grenades don’t really bounce in snow.

People usually ask for different weather in forge but they only want that for aesthetics and not really gameplay value so they is what I suggest. What do you guys think?

I like your idea. Different weather could add new exciting dynamics and I think it would be a cool addition to Halo.

Actually I think it would be coo as an option, may make tings a little harder for casuals but it would be a fun learning curve challenge for those who invest a lot of time in halo

I don’t think it should have that big of an impact that it can change the way you play, but day/night/rain versions would be pretty cool.