We should be allowed to purchase armor pieces through the Armor Hall

All of the unreleased armor from Season 1, namely the 5 missing Mark V [B] armor bundles, was added with the Season 2 update and can now be viewed in the Armor Hall.

Only one problem. You still have to wait until they’re featured in the Store before you can unlock them.

This is INFURIATING. 343 has withheld these five bundles for the last six months for no apparent reason. Are we really supposed to wait further weeks or months on end for all of them to appear in the Store?

This could be easily fixed if 343 would just let us buy individual armor pieces directly from the Armor Hall. Instead of listing these items as “Vaulted”, how about giving us options to either A. Purchase individual pieces of content, or B. Purchase the bundle that contains the things we want by selecting one of the items included in a bundle from the Armor Hall, Weapon Bench, or Vehicle Bay.

After six long months of waiting, I can’t believe 343 still hasn’t fixed this issue.


They shouldnt even have to be purchased with real money to begin with.


Ehm. The reason was the backlash after selling the Hazop bundle for 20 dollars. 343 realised they messed up with selling REACH armor for insane amounts of money, that were free 10 years ago.

The REACH armor should’ve been part of the Season 1 battle pass, and for that reason all these items should be instantly unlocked for anyone who bought and completed the Season 1 battle pass.


They’ve since reduced the price of all armor bundles across the board, and at this point I don’t give a -yoink!- if I have to spend $10 bucks for CQC armor.

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Yeah, it’s surprising how little is available for purchase at any given time. It’s almost like they don’t want our money.


You get 2 miniature bundles per week and a random daily item…
No way to know ahead of time when the items you want might be available if ever.

Do you not like money 343?

I would gladly pay for items if i knew i could get them.


I completely agree!!! This needs to be an option, at least give us the option to get the armor and customization we specifically want even if we pay for it.

I hate seeing some nice reach armor pieces listed as vaulted

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i actually agree with this sentiment though that would arguably depend on how they price the individual pieces alone with no extra bells and whistles, what the the unnecessary rarity system in place they could jack up the prices in turn, which would be a major turn off if so.

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But he wants to pay with real money. And so do I.

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Coming from the stance that all these items should be unlockable and that using real money is the only way to get stuff is stupid, i have to agree with being able to purchase them through the armor hall. Greed took over this game, and hurt it bad. Yet you have people willing to pay real money for items and yet they still have to wait indefinitely until they magically appear in the store. I think they really messed up making so many thing locked behind a pay wall, but to then even limit down when and what you can purchase is just asinine. If people are willing, let them buy the items directly through the armor hall. And combine the armor halls to for that matter. Get your stuff to gether 343 before you completely destroy Halo. And for the record DON’T bring that pay BS to MCC!


They want money… but they don’t.

Either the store is a means to a bundle discount, and the customization menu becomes the regular method or vice versa.

Or just a bigger store with vaulted item slots.
Or vaulted items are buyable but more expensive etc…

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I’ve been saying this for a while, just let’s us pay 1-2$ for individual pieces……they’d make more money off of that than anything else…….

Would possibly fund the forge and custom game browser development

I’d rather just earn credits by playing then unlocking them with the Credits I’ve earned, but it’s 2022 we don’t do that here now