We really need some challenges for more playlists

Right now pretty much every week outside of events I’m getting nothing but team slayer, swat and rumble pit challenges. While these are fine they become very tiring when you have to play them so much every week. So I ask the question what happened to the challenges for other playlists? Why haven’t btb challenges returned after they were removed when the mode was broken? Fiesta, doubles and team snipers are also there. I just want some variety to make doing the challenges each week less miserable.

Before some snarky commenter says dIdN’T yOu aSk fOr ThiS no I didn’t. The issue was never having to play multiple playlists it was the RNG garbage you had to deal with in order to get the correct mode with a playlist for a challenge. You can still keep general challenges that apply to the whole playlist.