We really need a multiplayer "region select" ASAP. current latency is a MASSIVE issue (PC)

Yes please. This was already an option in MCC, so I don’t know why it’s a step back with this game. Playing at 150+ms just puts you at a huge disadvantage.

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You’re not kidding. It’s dreadful right now.

i have same this im from ksa and i have 200 ms becuse game connect me at us server if i connect to eu server should be around 80s i make ticket to support but if u have solution tell me .

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A note i encountered which complicates things is i was playing ranked the other day at 23ms and another UK based player on my team said he was at 150+ i dont even know what to think anymore

Yep. I’m in Australia and constantly getting 180 ms + ping matches (including in ranked).

From Ireland and getting absolute garbage games.
Worst 150ms to 300ms
Bad 80ms to 100ms
Average 25ms to 35ms
Best 11ms to 18ms

But the thing is though even with my best games at 12ms it still has latency. In the top right corner where you can see your latency, Red text appears saying with a warning, unstable connection or game jittering. For the love that is all halo 343 let me have in the options to filter out what servers are not in my region just like it is in the MCC

I’m based in Amsterdam and don’t usually have latency problems, but I think they’ve set some matchmaking parameters that prioritize time to match placement over server distance. Its just a guess of course.

If this is indeed the case I’d like to see the prioritization change. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer for a match in exchange for not having a ping of 150-300.

The best I’ve seen in this game is 50 ms. On average I’m getting 90-95 ms. It’s abysmal in this day and age to not give us the ability to filter by latency. 90 ping was doable on dial up. Is dial up latency the best you can code for 343? Is this amateur hour? Please give us the tools via software (filter options) to connect to servers located closer to where we are playing. I don’t want to have to circumvent your inability to code by going and buying a hardware solution like NetDuma to block servers over a set latency.

I grew up playing Quake 1, 2, 3, Tribes 1, 2, 3 and all of those games I could get into servers below 20-30 ms all day long, would love to see you get your game to the level of pedigree from 20 years lmao. Yes your netcode is more forgiving but it’s by making larger hit boxes etc…

Bit of a rant but I expect more from this franchise and can say I had much better servers to connect to for Halo when it was with Bungie (fact not being a fan boy).

I really wish some of the younger generation of games would hold these devs and programmers to a higher standard. Yes this is a “Beta” but even full launch titles these days we end up being guinea pigs and Alpha/Beta/Meta testers. Pull up your socks and to all the players please try not to be complacent with connections slower then your parents used growing up. They can and should do better.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hoping your team is able to implement something such as the OP mentioned so we can enjoy a better experience in your game.

Take care