We really need a multiplayer "region select" ASAP. current latency is a MASSIVE issue (PC)

I seem to be getting a consistent average latency of 110-150ms playing from London, UK with a wired 210.8Mbps download rate although during the multiplayer flighting tests I was playing at around 14-25ms.

The latency from fullsceen windowed is bad enough but the additional 110-150ms from the server is a nightmare

I haven’t been able to find any solutions or workarounds so far.

Please leave any suggestions, similar issues, fixes or workarounds in this thread if you think you might be able to help or further this discussion.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading and or responding to this thread.


Try being in australia…I get minimum 156ms ping to west us servers and thats all I get in MCC…I can’t tell what I’,m getting here becuase they won’t tell/show us


ye lol I just shared my sympathies with another Oz fella with the same issue I feel for you g, although I’m pretty sure there is a region select workaround I was able to apply at one point in MCC for pc by limiting its network access to certain servers by messing with some files.

I found a region selector tool for you searching “halo mcc region select” on google, 1st github link, maybe try it if you still need it .

note* Please refrain from posting here and refer to the correct forums if anyone needs more help with Halo MCC region issues.

If you read my post again you will see I mentioned that they don’t even show us server selection in infinite
I made the post about infinite and was sharing your concerns

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My bad, no problem, nice one g valid point.

Its true I’ve had to make the assumption that I am playing with distant regions solely based on the latency’s numbers although I have been seeing quite a few players who are very obviously local to uk servers based on their football based names and so on.

It could actually just be either server load issues or bad servers overall but my low latency in the flights suggest to me that that its not bad servers and either the load issue or region select problem.

Thanks again for taking the time to clarify and respond.

Totally agree that we need transparency and options around server region.

Latency in an FPS can be the difference between winning and losing.

343 know this. They’ve added to other games, so makes little sense to not have it in Infinite

Region select? How about dedicated servers. This is still old player hosted BS. No other reason I would have 25 ms one game, 204 ms another, and 90 on another. Not even east coast US can get good ping.

The incompetence surrounding every aspect of this game is mindblowing.


UPDATE. my games have all been 25ms for the last few hours or so, must have been due to server load.

We still need the transparency though I completely agree

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Was this in BTB? I got 90+ms every match of that last night, yet in normal 4v4 game modes it was never higher than 28ms. Something felt so off I tried searching, but came up empty other than some posts from the flights saying BTB was super laggy.

I felt like I was the only one experiencing this, so glad to see this thread with some folks saying they were getting the same. Hope it was just server load, but not holding my breath :frowning:

There is an option in the settings to show/hide connection. Your latency will be shown on the top right of the HUD at all times when on.

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yes it was mainly BTB i was playing but i moved to QP and it was the same for a while before i took a break and logged back in around mid day 12pm UK at which point it was playing at 25ms for the remainder

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Cool, I’ll give it a try in a bit. Hopefully my woes of last night not being able to play BTB are behind me.

Fingers crossed!

I think I noticed it worse last night.

Getting shot/killed after running back into cover, some basically instant deaths and also my own kills registering really late as well.

Not good. The very same issues there was a mega thread about for H5.

Just hoping they implement for full launch. By now everyone knows that latency can decide entire games, so 343 definitely know they need to do something.

i have a very strong feeling that the game’s servers rotate to maximise active player bases, game only seems to have decent ping during working hours. played a game at 6am GMT at 250ms latency which is the highest ive seen so far. ill try again soon and then update this post with time of play and latency numbers

I can confirm from 9am GMT i started getting 25ms again.

Strong nods to this being an actual feature 343 have implemented to speed up filling games when your region is asleep

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Only on PC, not an option for console players.

Also finding this to be a massive issue. Probably less than 25% of games I’m playing are in my region (Australia), most are 200+ms. Even if I had to wait an extra 5 minutes to get a match in my region, I’d much rather wait than play an entire match with bad lag.


A quote from publication on launch day about the blue screen issue seems to show the game is run on dedicated servers the fact we have Crossplay also leans towards that being the case.

“A common issue players are encountering is the error message reading “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server.” The Halo Infinite servers are likely overwhelmed with the thousands of players attempting to connect, causing some not to connect at all.”

I thought this might be only for AUS/NZ players as usual, but sounds like it’s affecting everyone outside the US? And only in BTB for some reason.
I’m in New Zealand and playing Quick Matches I can get a nice 30ms ping, but every BTB game is 200+ms. Really hope a proper region select is added asap


nice, concise and constructive :handshake:

Yep, it was fine during the day but it spikes back up to 90+ during the night, and in 4v4 games now too. Something definitely up with their servers. Feels like there are no UK/EU servers during the night, which is odd.

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