We need two separate playlists for BTB

One with BR and AR starts “Ranked BTB” as all the ranked playlists should Have BR starts and the other for the crowd that’s wants sidekick AR starts…. There problem solved because I’m almost positive the BR starts will play out better but now you can appeal to both crowds with this method….


Ranked BTB is an awful idea. Who on earth wants to play a 12v12 game of try hard peek-a-boo? Because that’s all ranked BTB with BRs would be for every division above bronze.

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It did on Reach MCC, AR starts didn’t do that great when it was actually added in. Players will argue all day why their preference is the right choice but it will always come down to the individual. If the BR start was as bad as a few people claim then no one would be asking, same for the AR.

I like the sweaty side to BTB, I miss the duels, I felt precision start was more fast paced and gave me opportunity to pull off multi kills and just do more in general when I have bad team mates.

There’s demand on both sides, 343 know this, I don’t think it’s an error the AR has so much range and damage it was to appeal to both sides but I could never feel good about spraying someone, I don’t feel like I’m earning that kill. I miss the accuracy element. I don’t want to be running around at the start of every respawn finding the BR because even then, a good amount of people won’t be doing that and at that point I might as well be shooting bots.

I hope they put a ranked BTB, I know it would be successful and a lot of established teams moved from the other Halo’s to compete with each other here, a lot of them unfortunately went to ranked when they saw this BTB.

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BR starts for BTB just turn the game into a game of long shots with BR’s, it becomes too easy to just hold players back and objective play becomes way harder for the average player.

AR starts in BTB is a change for the better. It takes adjustment but honestly it’s made BTB way more fun.

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Well you obviously wouldn’t so you could stick to the AR’s. Some people would want it.

That’s why it will be ranked. It wouldn’t be the average player.

We need more playlists in general

Objective BTB
Heavies BTB

Not really sure a ranked BTB would work but I’m all for trying something new.

What we need are no playlists at all other than ranked and the composer from MCC added. Why this game shipped with playlists in the first place is mind boggling. It was universally accepted the second the composer was added to MCC that it was the future but apparently not to 343, which has a very serious problem about going 1 step forward 2 steps back.


Fingers crossed they get a match composer in for “launch” on December 8…

They can’t seriously think the current system is better, can they? Oh who am I kidding, it’s 343… of course they might think that :clown_face: