We need to keep mythic req packs,with changes.

Many people will disagree with me when I say we need to keep mythic req packs in halo 5. Even though it may bring chaos into warzone , we still need them. My thoughts on what we should do to change the req pack are: 1. Make the price lower 2. Make them give us less mythics 3. Give us a less likely chance of getting a good certification, like rare or maybe ultra rare . So that’s how we can improve them but also we need to discuss why we still need them. 1. Because 343 is running us dry on cash buying gold packs trying to get mythics 2. With the changes this would bring much positivity in the halo community 3. It would make warzone quicker and more fun. Would this make it op? Maybe. Would it make warzone more fun? Yes. Would this give less skilled players a fighting chance against pros? Definitely . Disagree with me if you wish but just agree with me when I say that it would make warzone more fun and get us prepped for warzone firefight. So if we get enough people do convince 343 then they will keep it.

Buy, buy buy, time is running out. You don’t want to miss out.

Most of this is desirable.

Bonnie Ross likes them big